Life in Athens

Damian Swann, on Josh Harvey-Clemons’ suspension:

“It happened,” Swann said. “It hasn’t been the first time we’ve gone into a season with guys suspended. It’s something we don’t want to deal with but we’ve kind of gotten used to dealing with it and now we’ve just got to go and play.”



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    We have gone to Clempson before with players suspended…we will be fine.

  2. The other Doug

    “sigh” is right.

  3. Skeptic Dawg

    Here is the deal…if the AD and UGA brass are going to suspend players for failed drug tests, it is painfully clear that the punishment is not harsh enough. Stop dicking around and drop the hammer. First failed test/ drug arrest/drug altercation = 6 game suspension. Second violation = 1 complete year. Third strike and you are done. If you are going to adhere to this drug policy, why not make the punishment count? In for a penny, in for a pound. Either that or stop with this nonsense. As it stands right now, the Dawgs are merely standing in the middle of the road getting hit from both sides.

    • AthensHomerDawg


      • Skeptic Dawg

        Not trolling at all. Either drop the hammer to ensure no one pops positive or reduce the punishment all together. Either you mean business and you sincerely want kids to stop smoking up, or you don’t. Either way I don’t care. I am just tired of this 1-4 game crap we face every year.

        • Bobby

          Draconian punishments would not eliminate the problem. With the frequency of drug tests, players SHOULD recognize that there is a substantial possibility of getting caught. Despite this, some players still toke up. When doing so, I seriously doubt that the violators do a cost-benefit analysis and decide that a 1-game or 3-game suspension is worth the risk.

          They don’t appreciate the risk of getting caught; it’s the recklessness of youth. If UGA “dropped the hammer,” it would simply be trading “1-4 game crap” for suspensions ranging from 6 games to full seasons. Such a harsh policy might deter 1 or 2 players from using drugs, but the resulting longer suspensions would only create a bigger headache for the program.

          Furthermore, cracking down is one thing (which CMR is and has been doing), but at some point, increasingly harsh policies become completely unfair. Players shouldn’t have their careers wrecked by youthful indiscretions, and the program should give them sufficient opportunity to grow up, mature, and reform before it casts them out.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            +1. Skeptic, you are FOS. The real problem is that we expect these 18-21 year old kids to be better than we were when we went to school in Athens. I smoked grass. There, I said it. I also drank beer and got some poontang when I was able to fool some co-ed into thinking I was a redneck Carey Grant. Pardon me for living. And pardon the kids on the football team from living, too. They are supposed to be STUDENT athletes remember and get the college “experience.” If not, let’s just skip the pretense and pay them for playing. I wish somebody would do a drug/alcohol test on the faculty, particularly Mike Adams!!! Now that would provide some fodder for an interesting blog post. Hypocrisy, alive and well in Athens, GA.

            • 202dawg

              Mayor, who is this Cary Grant of which you speak? Sounds like a tennis player…

            • SK

              Horse shit. These kids are given every opportunity to excel. A great education, tutors who will work with them as long as they need, meals and room/board through scholarships, the list goes on and on.

              They aren’t regular students. More is expected of them because they agreed that more would be expected of them when they decided to accept a football scholarship at UGA. Whether that is fair or not is irrelevant, it is what they agreed to. If they didn’t want the extra responsibility that comes with being a student athlete then they should not have agreed to it.

        • Skizziks

          They still cut off the hand a thief in Saudi Arabia. Apparently that “punishment is not harsh enough” since there continue to be thieves who get their hands cut off under sharia law. Commit murder and spend thirty years in prison or lose your own life. How’s that working out? Who would choose those consequences if the choice were framed that way? The problem with athletes breaking rules – as with criminals breaking the law – is poor impulse control and an inability to anticipate the consequences of one’s actions. These are significant developmental problems, and it’s not difficult to imagine that many student athletes – especially those from disadvantaged homes – suffer from them. What level of punishment for a student athlete at UGA is appropriate for toking up? Whatever it is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a harsher penalty is in order simply because some kid decides to hang with his boyz and share a joint. That’s what kids do.

    • David K

      The suspensions will never be a real deterrent because these are all college kids which makes them idiots. They all think they won’t get caught.

      • Scott


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Hey, I was an idiot college kid and I didn’t get caught. But then, I didn’t play on the football team and have some sanctimonious asshole constantly watching my every move and testing me to see if I drank any alcohol or smoked any weed either.

    • ZeroPointZero

      You are painful. Sorry. Out of 85 plus players some are going to smoke weed and a few will get caught. Lord only knows how many don’t get caught for every one that does. I’d guess 10 to 1 but that’s pure speculation. Your hammer approach is just stupid, plain and simple. Our cops are apparently tougher than most and our drug policies are tougher than most. Add the two together and you get this. Life ain’t fair, just ask Les, so just grin and bear it. Again, sorry to be rude about it, but damn…

      • Skeptic Dawg

        So you suggest we sit back and accept the fact that the Dawgs will always have a few kids suspended to begin each season? My point is that Georgia’s current drug policy is a farce. It looks agreat on paper, yet carries little to no weight. Players obviously give a game suspension zero thought and it does not hurt. As I said earlier, either make the punishment so harsh that it really hurts, or give them a slap on the wrist and stop hampering the program. If someone is going to smoke up knowing they might miss half of the season, then we know where their head honestly is. I do have issues with the kids, but the larger issue is with the rules/punishment.

        • Scott

          “So you suggest we sit back and accept the fact that the Dawgs will always have a few kids suspended to begin each season?” –YES, We just need not play Clemson or another good team to begin the season.

        • Scott

          I bet our players give it alot more thought than the players at LSU.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          The only thing you said that I agree with is that our drug policy is a farce. Until and unless the University of Georgia starts testing the entire student body to see if they are drinking alcohol and/or doing drugs the policy of that august institution regarding drugs is hypocrisy viv a vis the students/players pure and simple.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I am almost to the point that I will volunteer my services free of charge to sue the University and the University System under a discrimination theory.

            • charlottedawg

              We need to push the SEC to adopt a uniform policy. Until then the smart thing to do is the exact opposite of what Skeptic Dog is saying, adopt the laxest policy in the league. What we have right now just gets us bad PR as a program and a competitive disadvantage, simply so Michael Adams can get some a buzz from a fake moral high horse. Anybody who says their school has “better” student athletes is FOS. Elite programs all recruit the same kids.

              • Cojones

                The most sensible statement yet read (besides the Mayor who topped his with a self-confession that I admire).

                Advice to Skep: Go out and score a baggy, then smoke a little at first. You may find then that you can approach issues without making such martinet statements of juidgement and condemnation of young person’s actions.After that, you should smoke the entire baggy or make brownies.

    • BR Dawg

      Just like the death penalty is supposed to stop people from murdering other people. Bottom line, teenagers are going to make stupid decisions no mater how bright their future may be or what the possible punishments may be.

  4. cube

    I fully expect a player or two to start talking about the importance of profits and surplus soon.

  5. Dolly Llama

    OT, but Gordon Gee announced his retirement this afternoon.

  6. Scott


    2001 season
    Tim Wansley mj arrest
    Regan Torbert mj arrest
    Durell Robinson mj arrest
    Charles Grant (solicitation of prostitution)
    Randy McMichael – bar fight
    Verron Haynes – domestic battery
    Ken Veal -undisclosed

    Brandon Williams (rape-later acquitted)
    Shedrick Wynn

    Chris Hickman
    Jemario Smith
    Tim Jennings marijauna arrest
    Bryan McClendon mj arrest
    Mario Raley marijuana arrest
    Randall Swoops mj arrest
    DeMario Minter mj arrest
    Tyson Browning
    B.J. Fields

    Odell Thurman
    Gordon Ely-Kelso
    Jeremy Thomas

    Tavares Kearney cheating
    Chase Green alcohol arrest
    Derrick White = bar fight, later dismissed from team
    Zeb McKinzey – public drunkenness
    Michael Turner- marijuana in car
    Kedric Golston – bar fight
    Leonard Pope

    Thomas Flowers
    Daniel Inman
    Dannell Ellerbe underage drinking
    Ian Smith

    Tripp Chandler
    Blake Barnes
    Remarcus Brown
    Donovan Baldwin
    Akeem Hebron
    Tripp Taylor

    Darius Dewberry
    Jeff Henson
    Donovan Baldwin
    Michael Lemon
    Clint Boling
    Bruce Figgins
    Fred Munzenmaier

    Bruce Figgins
    Justin Houston

    Tavarres King underage possession of alcohol
    Dontavius Jackson DUI
    Zach Mettenberger -dismissed from team misd. sexual battery
    Montez Robinson -dismissed from team domestic battery
    Trent Dittmer – dismissed from team pub. intox
    AJ Green – jersey scandal
    Washaun Ealey – hit and run, drivng on sus. license
    Jordan Love – arrest for obstruction; false name
    Alec Ogletree- theft of scooter helmet

    Carlton Thomas
    Bacarri Rambo
    Israel Troupe

    Bacarri Rambo
    Sanders Commings
    Branden Smith
    Alec Ogletree
    Nick Marshall (dismissed from team)
    Chris Sanders (dismissed from team)
    Sanford Seay (dismissed from team)

    I tried to list the offense if it was made public. Many were “undisclosed.”
    dismissed = dismissed from team (does not mean charges dismissed)

    • WF dawg

      That’s really interesting data, Scott. Brought back some memories of pre-season angst and a few chuckles.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I guess Spurrier was right. But the, how many South Carolina or Florida players got suspended from those teams when Spurrier was HC? I’m betting “none.”

      • Cojones

        Start with their SC QB of recent history. He suspended him 6 times. OH…and he played him after forgiving him of each one? Gosh, I didn’t know that!

  7. Scott

    66 players over 12 seasons.

  8. Sneaky Short

    2009 and 2011 were “good” years, hopefully 2013 will be too.