Mark Richt has lost control of… something.

Spencer Hall adds Mike Bobo to the EDSBS Enemies List:  “Who the hell said you were allowed to become good at your job, Mike?”


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  1. SlobberKnocker

    I guess I can blame Bobo for Spencer not likeing Bobo, right?


  2. KadenaAFB


    Having had the chance to chat with Coach Bobo at Stephens Co. sometime around the period that Charles Winslette was head coach there….. ( big Bulldog Point of Pride as Coach Winslette was inducted into GACA Hall of Fame this past Saturday. Charlie with 32 years of coaching experience, including 30 years as a head coach, is one of the most respected interscholastic coaches in the game. Nice weekend.) I got the impression that what wore on him most was that fans with no coaching experience were all of the sudden NFL Coaches. Yes there are all kinds of Sunday morning armchair qb’s. My consigliere accuses me of being just that in another venue. But I digress.
    Coach Bobo….. “good on you mate.” h/t the Mayor.

    “Unfortunately, we’re back for round 7 with Mike Bobo as offensive coordinator. Bobo’s offenses have put up numbers in the past, but he also still has a crayon. So there are clearly reasons to feel good, and feel bad about the 2012 Georgia offensive unit.” Hijo. ( Ima play nice Cojones.)

    ……..forgive but never forget.
    just sayin’


    • Cojones

      Does AFB represent “All for Bobo” ? The guarded chirpiness toward Bobo from fans on here may be indicative of a reticence brought about by a neurotic fear of testicular anger descending from above and to one side that swings unannounced like a doublet wrecking sphere towards unsuspecting bloggers. Do not fear.


  3. Will Trane

    Who in the hell is Spencer Hall? Never ever heard of him. Plus, what in the hell is he writing? That is a waste. Wherever he is he should board a flight to Kadena AFB Okinaw. Somewhere over the Pacific Ocean someone should open the door and kick is ass. What a waste of air he breathes and sues. Could be kind but when I rotated out of Nam I went thorugh Kadena Only two of us Marine grunt officers on that flight back to the world.


    • NRBQ

      Jesus, God.

      Please stick to bitching about the baseball program.


      • Dog in Fla

        Now watch this flight of Good Will Hunting while he continues to Trane for the little things that come up in the future (such as get some Spencer Hall whatever that is) while being heloed from Futenma to Kadema for transport from Okinawa (worst liberty in WestPac) after being in the shit back to the world to make Georgia baseball well-disciplined as soon as it gets a new coach


    • The other Doug

      You should buy some of the beer enhancer, bring it to your next tailgate, and let us know how it works out.


    • I know Spencer Hall. I’ve worked under Spencer Hall. Spencer Hall is a friend of mine. Sir, you’re no Spencer Hall.


      • You on the other hand, are only recognizable wearing those baggy red kakis I saw you wearing after the G Day game a few years ago. Hopefully you’ve upgraded to something less wrinkly


  4. Scott W.

    Love Spencer Hall even though it pains me to say that about any Gator but I’m working on it.


  5. SK

    He has lost control of learner’s licenses.


  6. Holy hell Spense, how could you get mad at Gin? That ain’t right.


  7. dudetheplayer

    I used to really love EDSBS, but the comment section of that place has become so laughably self-indulgent and impossible to navigate that I quit reading a long time ago.

    The comment section of GTP is a big part of the reason I love this blog so much. That, and your music recommendations, Senator.


  8. And the Senator’s sarcastic wit, clever ripostes, entendres and not to be remiss – the deft use of innuendo.

    Oh yeah, and occasionally, from time to time, College Football X’s and O’s.


  9. AthensHomerDawg

    @ dudetheplayer and Lrgk9…..;-) Win win…. just don’t get too friendly.