Thanks for the memories.

Tyrone Prothro can’t use this photograph of his iconic catch against Southern Mississippi…

without paying Alabama for it first.

An Alabama official “pretty much told me that there’s a different process to go through now; that I would have to go online and purchase my own pictures,” said Prothro, who added he did not go through the process.

If you remember, Prothro suffered a career-ending injury in the fourth quarter of a game in which his team was leading by several touchdowns.  Though he did receive a lovely parting gift for his service.

Maybe the school figures Prothro owes something for the scholarship.  Either that, or it’s amateurism, for the win.


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11 responses to “Thanks for the memories.

  1. AthensHomerDawg

    “Prothro now works as a bank teller in Tuscaloosa.” With all the bonus money being paid out in the banking industry I hope some trickles down to his wallet.


  2. Bulldawg165

    This happens at high school games all of the time where a photographer takes pictures of the game and charges the parents for the pictures of their kids. It takes it to a new level when the school is actually charging money though.


  3. DugLite

    I really didn’t need to see that photo in the link “a lovely parting gift for his service.”


  4. This is absurd. I can understand having to pay the photographer something, but why Alabama?


  5. If there was ever anyone that needed to be set up in one of those “associate athletic director” jobs, it’s Prothro.


  6. JasonC

    Certainly Daniel Moore will comp him a painting, right?


  7. AlphaDawg

    I was wondering what had happened to this kid. Did he graduate? Try to return and play? I seem to remember hearing he had a hard time with recovery, seems like it got badly infected post surgery?


    • Scott

      I have a buddy who is an orthopedist in Birmingham. He told me that the dirt and turf were not properly cleaned from the wound in his initial surgery, which caused the repeat infections. If you can recall the play, his open leg driven into the turf. It was my friend’s opinion that Prothro probably would have gotten better treatment going to an ER initially (like any other person), as an ER has more experience in this kind of trauma. But Bama was more concerned about his fracture and immediately sent him to the specialist surgeon, who apparently did get all the debris removed. Once he got infected, he career was finished.

      These repeated surgeries involving Gronkowski makes me think the same thing may have happened to him– his would was not cleaned out of turf initially, causing the repeated infections.


  8. 69Dawg

    It really is a case of O’Bannon for the win.


  9. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Can’t Alabama’s boosters pretty much give former players anything the boosters want post-football career? Jobs, cars, etc? I sort of thought that’s how the game was played by everyone.