“ … I am not trying to be cute. I am just trying to adhere to my agreement with the sheriff.”

One of the conditions of tree-killer Harvey Updyke’s probation, which began yesterday, is that he is prohibited from speaking with the media.  So I guess this is just good timing:

The day before Harvey Updyke Jr. was released from jail, the 64-year-old talked with sports radio show host Paul Finebaum in an informal meeting at the Lee County jail.

Finebaum confirmed Monday he had met with Updyke for about 45 minutes Sunday, though he declined to discuss the specifics of the conversation.

Maybe he’s become Harvey’s spiritual adviser.


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9 responses to ““ … I am not trying to be cute. I am just trying to adhere to my agreement with the sheriff.”

  1. uglydawg

    That Finebaum would spend (waste) any time with the idiot is amazing. (Maybe “Birds of a feather”?) Updyke should be forever ignored by everyone…even ‘Bama fanatics. Look for his “interview” during the lead up to the 2013 Iron Bowl.
    He’s not worth a second of anyone’s attention.


  2. Bulldawg165

    Is it typical for a probation sentence to prohibit speaking to the media? That just seems odd to me…


    • GaskillDawg

      A sentencing judge can impose reasonable conditions which relate to the purpose of the probation. I can see where the judge concluded that Updyke was motivated to do mischief in order to brag on Finebaum or other media about it.

      Had the offense been totally unrelated to a desire to publicize himself, such as, say, possessing marijuana, then no, that condition would not have been imposed.


  3. WillTrane

    A tree-killer prohibited from talking to the media. Now who is the hell is the media. Are they bonded? Are they licensed? Do they have reliable credentials. Borders on harassment. Now how many tree-killers do you think exist in Georgia. With all that pollution in metro Atlanta he would be one of millions.


  4. Spike

    He probably agreed to this condition as part of the plea agreement.


  5. AusDawg85

    Harvey was interviewing for F-bomb’s co-host role. Note that in the co-chair, he will be speaking with the callers, not the media, thus satisfying the Bama’s judge’s ruling.


  6. uglydawg

    I still think he should be required to attend every Auburn home game wearing Alabama garb, untill the trees grow back. I’m certain though, that would be considered “cruel and unusual punishment”.


    • Dog in Fla

      I stil think he should be required to audit AGRN 3120 Principles of Weed Science to determine how much overspray of selective post-emergence herbicides it takes to make him wilt, but not wither, and, once probation is over, go on Bear Finebaum’s dog-and-pony show to talk about what a tough guy he is



  7. Gravidy

    Meteor interview.