A roundabout MPC post

A very nice “aw, shucks” post about GTP here.  The only thing is… I don’t remember doing a Jo Jo Gunne palate cleanser before.

Fortunately, that’s easy to remedy with my favorite tune of theirs.  From the early 70’s, here’s “Run  Run  Run”.

There are very few songs that sound better being blasted out of a car stereo than that.  Trust me on this.


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22 responses to “A roundabout MPC post

  1. I have one better one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H-Y7MAASkg. “Get Over IT”. Those Eagles they were ahead of their time.


  2. Rebar

    Congratulation Senator, and rightly so


  3. I wanna Red Cup

    The mystery man- good job dude. We enjoy it every morning.
    Thanks for the hard work. The accolades are deserved


  4. Gravidy

    That guy said you are snarky but never a jerk. I’d never thought of it in those terms before, but he’s right. Anybody can do snark, but consistently doing it without being a jerk is an art form. 🙂


  5. Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without this blog. I guess I would go back to reading Rivals comment threads that make me want to punch myself in the head and clicking on links from dawgbone.net.

    But then where would I get my daily dose of NCAA rage? 😉

    Great job Senator


  6. DugLite

    I agree. Great job Senator. I only hope you do not yield your time on the floor anytime soon!!! Congrats!! Almost 15M hits and I know I have contributed a lot to that number.


  7. AthensHomerDawg

    My roommate’s dad managed a trucking company in Atlanta and he would hook us up with a summer job unloading trucks at night. Hard work but the pay was over the top. He drove a blue 442 convertible and we would fly that car back to Athens in the morning about daybreak. Jo Jo Gunne was a favorite and Barstow Blue Eyes was the song of choice for me. That was one of the best summer jobs I had while in college. The best summer job was working in the lab at the Pabst brewery outside of Warner Robins. lol.


  8. Lrgk9

    Sometimes, there’s a man, well, he’s the man for his time and place. He fits right in there. And that’s the Dude…


  9. Okay already…Senator it looks like you do speak for “The BLOG” as far as official opinions go. After all …it is your Blog. I still adore the EAGLES. I mean…DESPERADO….come on guys.


    • dudetheplayer

      The Eagles are terrible. The Dude had it right.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      There are all kinds of top 100 greatest bands lists….. not finding the Eagles on any. A list that has Prince ranked ahead of Elvis and James Brown, and MJ a head of BD is suspect though….. imho.
      100. Alicia Keys
      99. Hall And Oates98. Depeche Mode97. Pretenders96. Journey
      100 Photos »

      You guys love lists, and we love to start our holiday weekend early, so thanks VH1 for putting together this 100 Greatest Artists Of All Time countdown. (Spoiler Alert: No Wavves…) You should compare it to VH1′s 100 Greatest Artists Of Rock & Roll from 1998 (back when VH1 was VH-1) to see some of the overlaps/differences. For starters: The Top 5 “Rock” vs “Of All Time” is the same group, except for Jimi Hendrix who’s been pushed to No. 6. It’ll also give you an idea of how VH1 defines rock & roll. And how much it sucks to be the Eagles. Trivia: Which artist has drunkenly crashed his car the most times? Highest ranked artist to be pelted with plastic bottles? Did Biggie beat Tupac? Which version of Journey made it? But it’s not all about long-suffering has-beens: I, for one, am happy for Def Leppard.

      100 Alicia Keys
      99 Hall & Oates
      98 Depeche Mode
      97 Pretenders
      96 Journey
      95 OutKast
      94 Mariah Carey
      93 Pearl Jam
      92 LL Cool J
      91 Green Day
      90 Elvis Costello
      89 Beastie Boys
      88 Bee Gees
      87 George Michael
      86 N.W.A.
      85 The Band
      84 Curtis Mayfield
      83 Earth, Wind and Fire
      82 Steely Dan
      81 ABBA
      80 Mary J. Blige
      79 Eminem
      78 Judas Priest
      77 Lynyrd Skynyrd
      76 Run-D.M.C.
      75 Rush
      74 The Cure
      73 Van Morrison
      72 Janis Joplin
      71 R.E.M.
      70 Def Leppard
      69 Tupac Shakur
      68 Otis Redding
      67 Coldplay
      66 Justin Timberlake
      65 The Doors
      64 Talking Heads
      63 Notorious B.I.G.
      62 Genesis
      61 Cream
      60 Whitney Houston
      59 Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
      58 Cheap Trick
      57 Iggy & The Stooges
      56 KISS
      55 Peter Gabriel
      54 Public Enemy
      53 Little Richard
      52 Beyoncé
      51 Billy Joel
      50 Sade
      49 Parliament-Funkadelic
      48 Rage Against The Machine
      47 Jay-Z
      46 Ramones
      45 Al Green
      44 Joni Mitchell
      43 Ray Charles
      42 Metallica
      41 Van Halen
      40 The Police
      39 The Kinks
      38 Sly & The Family Stone
      37 Fleetwood Mac
      36 Paul McCartney
      35 Johnny Cash
      34 Tina Turner
      33 Guns N’ Roses
      32 Black Sabbath
      31 John Lennon
      30 Aerosmith
      29 Radiohead
      28 Elton John
      27 Aretha Franklin
      26 Neil Young
      25 Chuck Berry
      24 The Velvet Underground
      23 AC/DC
      22 The Clash
      21 Bruce Springsteen
      20 Marvin Gaye
      19 U2
      18 Pink Floyd
      17 Queen
      16 Madonna
      15 The Beach Boys
      14 Nirvana
      13 The Who
      12 David Bowie
      11 Bob Marley
      10 Stevie Wonder
      09 James Brown
      08 Elvis Presley
      07 Prince
      06 Jimi Hendrix
      05 Bob Dylan
      04 Rolling Stones
      03 Led Zeppelin
      02 Michael Jackson
      01 The Beatles

      Stereogum will be at ATP NY this weekend and will be sure to congratulate No. 57 if we see them at the Sportsman Bar. (We’ll livetweet via @stereogum if AT&T cooperates.)


      • Thanks for the rundown.
        Elvis #1, Beatles #8, Rolling Stones #2, James Brown #3, Jimi Hendrix #4
        David Bowie #5, Elvis Costello #6, Bob Dylan #7. In my humble opinion.