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How do you get Malkom Parrish off your front porch?

You guys know I normally make it a rule not to get into the weeds of verbal commitments here.  But when it’s a rare instance of a kid choosing between Georgia and Georgia Tech, said kid makes a point of raising academics as an important factor in his decision and then chooses to spend the next four years of his life in Athens… well, it’s kind of hard for me to ignore the good folks on StingTalk rising to take the bait.

That some of the Techies had convinced themselves that for Parrish a GT degree would outweigh the dead-end prospect of playing quarterback in the triple-option is almost too cute for words, ain’t it?



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Something else you might need for a good highlights clip

… is your biggest win of the year coming against your most hated rival.

Verne’s delivery of “Oh, my gracious!” after the Rambo pick in the end zone is a great example of why I love the man.

And Jarvis pronounced himself ready to play… you can’t say you weren’t warned, Gators.


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