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“The academic part, it’s like you have to try to fail.”

You only get one guess as to which school that commit is referring.


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Gators gotta win. They just gotta.

Even Pat Dooley’s come down with a case of Dawgitis.  From his “Seven keys to success for Gator football” post today:

4. They have to beat Georgia. It’s time for Muschamp to record a win in this game. It’s not the only game on the schedule, but it’s the one they have to win.

And that’s with a mere two game winning streak.  Can you imagine what Gator Nation will be like if Georgia wins in Jax this year?


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A page is born.

I finally got around to keeping one of my commitments by making a permanent page for The Montana Project.  Enjoy.

And Hoppy, you’re still ‘da man.


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He can offer the recruits. He just can’t keep the recruits.

Shorter random Georgia Tech supporter:  that Paul Johnson doesn’t actually sign recruits he offers is proof that he’s a great recruiter.


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The SEC’s 2013 non-conference scheduling is for the faint at heart.

Or for the coaches screaming the loudest against going to a nine-game conference schedule.  There’s a lot of pathetic going around this season.  Take, for example, what macho man James Franklin has to stare down:

14. Vanderbilt Commodores

Stereotypically, there are a lot of question marks behind the SEC and their non-conference schedules. While some of these schedules aren’t deserving of those question marks, this one is. Easily the best team on Vandy’s slate is the five-win Demon Deacons from last year. That same team lost 55-21 to the Commodores in 2012 as well. Winners of two games in Conference USA last year, UAB looks to be of no challenge either. Traveling to Gillette Stadium to play the Minutemen of UMass should also present no challenge as Tom Brady won’t be on the field this go round.

Auburn’s is just as embarrassing.

Three schools manage to host all four of their non-conference games.  Two more have three at home and one at a neutral site.  And only three face two BCS-conference opponents.  Fortunately for Georgia, the other two are Florida and South Carolina.  (In fact, were I doing these rankings, I’d probably list the Gamecocks’ OOC schedule the toughest of the bunch.)

Overall, not exactly profiles in courage.  And it’s funny how Les Miles has nothing to say about how unfair it is for some of the schools to have tough in state rivalries.


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Something else that makes for a good highlights clip

… is a game in which the other team has no highlights worth showing.

Hey, Tech lost by thirty-two, but won the total yardage battle.  So, genius.


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