Football Ticket Cutoff Scores 2013

If your sense of things is that demand from the fan base is solid, but not as rabid as it was a few seasons ago, you’d be right.

If you made a $250 contribution to the Hartman Fund, you’re getting season tickets.  And if you ordered away tickets to Tennessee and Auburn, you’re getting those, too.  No problem getting a single game ticket to the Kentucky game, either.

Maybe McGarity can explain how more cupcake games will increase demand.


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29 responses to “Football Ticket Cutoff Scores 2013

  1. DawgPhan

    That season ticket number is a shocker.

    Silver lining is my seats probably just got a little better.

    these are the buy low days of season tickets.

  2. Dante

    I have to admit I’m still surprised but I completely understand. The home slate is pathetic this year. No Auburn, South Carolina, or Tennessee at home. Clemson is away. So it’s basically a matter of how much LSU tickets are worth to you. And I’d rather see Georgia play any non-Mississippi team from the SEC West than see the Missouri game. I could beat the cutoff for less than my car payment (and I drive a shitty car). But hey, we’re posturing well for a national title run. And that’ll drive demand. Just look at what falling 5 yards short of a national title did for us this year…

  3. Castleberry

    Hang on a second. They wouldn’t let just anybody order Tennesse or Auburn though. You had to be over 15k for UT and 20k base for Auburn.

    • DawgPhan

      Thanks, I didnt remember ordering Auburn tickets and I certainly would have if given the chance. that makes more sense.

      the season ticket number is still very low and surprising given the expectations for this season…”let them eat cake” is starting to die.

      • Castleberry

        Right. On top of that, more of the schools are pricing games based on demand instead of a set price for the season. I think face on Tennessee is closer to $100 than $40.

  4. Things and Stuff

    Seat locations got drastically better, but they seem to come at a cost. My seats are now piggy backed – same seat number, just one row apart.

    • DawgPhan

      seriously…they did a redesign on the website, but the ticketing website still doesnt work in firefox. seriously who is running things over there.

      I bet Bama’s website works in chrome, safari, IE, FF, and every other browser.

    • DawgPhan

      my tickets didnt get better, and I would never accept them splitting a pair of tickets across rows.

  5. DawgPhan

    and who put red text on red buttons…seriously.

  6. Jim Traficant

    can you tell your new seat assignments on the webpage or do you have to call?

    • DawgPhan

      you can go into your account, then view order history and there is a link under the individual games to “view seats” that will pop open a window where you can view your seat assignments. that link doesnt work in Firefox and Saban doesnt have time for that shit.

  7. MGW

    Cupcake games set you up better for your once in a generation team to make it to a national title, and for not quite as great teams to maybe, maybe sneak in with some luck. But if you lose one or two big games, then win all the rest against a bunch of crappy teams, what have you accomplished? A 10-3 record with a pissed off fan base cause once you’re “out of it”, you’ve got nothing left to play for except to hope and pray your team doesn’t piss themselves against an inferior team. Yeah I want to go to that game….

    Scheduling great out of conference games every year means that even when you don’t have a national title run, you still know, as a fan and a player, that you’re going to have a bunch of opportunities for big wins. And your great teams ought to be able to make it through the schedule anyhow. You can still have a great year without winning a championship, as ridiculous as we’ve been conditioned to think that sounds over the last 10 years or so.

    At least Georgia’s still in the SEC. (Even though we now have to play a middling Big 12 team every year in lieu of an actual SEC team.)

    • MGW

      And if everyone had that philosophy, and more teams closed the season with a huge win or two to rile up the fans, suddenly bowl season becomes a little more meaningful again.

  8. 69Dawg

    Because there was no cumulative required to order season tickets and a $250 contribution is the minimum on a per ticket basis they are in fact saying that it cost you the absolute minimum to get season tickets. This is a far cry from the $10,000 cumulative minimum to get a season ticket in 2008. To top it off there are still single game tickets available to several games. Handwriting meet wall.

  9. cube

    This bodes well for the secondary market. Good.

    And this trend of decreasing demand will continue over the long run if serious changes aren’t made (i.e. improving the home schedule, encouraging tailgating instead of discouraging it, possibly decreasing donation requirements or ticket prices, etc). Like others have said – the handwriting is on the wall.

    • DawgPhan

      Or once the school starts pumping out Engineering and Medical degrees, there is going to be a lot more disposable income for alums and tickets are going to get harder to come by.

      dont confuse correlation with causation.

      • cube

        So you think the items I listed haven’t been having a significant impact on ticket demand over the last few years? And you think they won’t have a significant impact going forward? I just couldn’t disagree more. But believe what you want I guess.

        As for increasing the number of engineering and medical degrees, I agree that this will help increase demand some. That’s going to take a while to get going though. The number of those degrees being churned out isn’t going to drastically shoot up overnight.

    • AlphaDawg

      I think the stagnant economy still has a lot to do with it. I’ve been hording cash since 08 and will continue to put off large unessential purchases until its on solid footing.

  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I think this as good a spot for my mandatory “let’s play a round robin SEC schedule” post. Go back to 10 teams (kick out whomever–I favor LIFO) then play a 9 game conference schedule where everybody plays everybody else every year. That leaves 3 OOC game-slots. Each team in the SEC has to play 2 OOC games against other BCS conference teams (this season for Georgia GT and Clemson would qualify) and the other OOC game would have to be against a D-IA school (sorry, no App States). End of problem.

  11. I hear you Mayor…Works beautifully in tennis. No one can say it isn’t fair.

  12. RocketDawg

    I let my tickets go this year. It just doesn’t seem worth the money anymore to drive over to Athens, get gouged for parking, have no place to tailgate, watch a glorified scrimmage, sit in horrendous traffic, and get home at 3am for a night game. I’ll stay home and watch my HDTV and drink free beer, thank you very much. To be honest there hasn’t been a regular season home game that I have been excited about since the ’08 Bama game and we all know how that one turned out.

    • DawgPhan

      I know people constantly have these types of comments and I always think that they must be going to completely different games than I am.

      Great tailgating in free parking, I never get home @ 3am even for night games that are nail-biters until the very end, and I suspect that traffic will be much better this year with the improvements to 316.

      I am also excited about seeing every home game.

      Yeah I dont have an HD and my own beer at the games, but I do get to see all my friends at the tailgate, talk football all day and just enjoy being in Athens. Gamedays at the house are typically cutting grass, running errands and watching the day on delay because something came up. Not nearly as enjoyable a day as heading to Athens and getting in some quality tailgating.