A lean, mean fighting machine?

Something weird is going on with the post-spring practice weights.

Of Georgia’s 71 returning contributors and early enrolling freshmen listed below, only 22 were listed as having gained weight from the 2013 pre-spring roster to the post-spring roster.

A total of 44 players were listed as having lost weight, with some members of the offensive line recording the biggest drops in recent months.

How big?  Pretty freakin’ big:

OL John Theus — 298 — (-11)
OL Watts Dantzler — 307 — (-13) 

OL Zach DeBell — 273 — (-20)

OL Xzavier Ward — 278 — (-21)

OL Austin Long — 287 — (-37)

Now maybe this is about remaking bodies based on some new S&C philosophy and maybe we’ll see much of the lost weight regained by August.  At least I hope so, because I don’t think any team is going to survive life in the SEC with a right tackle whose weight is south of 280.

On the other hand, Gurley at 232 has the potential to be one scary dude.


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28 responses to “A lean, mean fighting machine?

  1. NRBQ

    You can’t spell Gurley without “Lurge.”


  2. Dawg in Austin

    It’s important that the OL at least gain a lot of that back by fall, because typically guys lose weight during the season. And Damian Swann ain’t going to be in the NFL in 2014 at 178 lbs and 6’1”. Guessing there is a master plan for each guy…


  3. Chadwick

    depends…lots of guys carry bad weight. Who knows what Ward had as far as body fat? Same with a lot of these guys. If they’re trading lard for improved core strength then make the trade.


    • ETennDawg

      Muscle weighs more than fat. I would like to learn how the body fat/muscle mass ratio is compared to what it was.


  4. cube

    These are actually their weights on Uranus.


  5. Walter sobchak

    It would make sense if they’re going to hurry up offense. Maybe not all out Oregon, but faster


  6. TennesseeDawg

    Wasn’t too many years ago we had the largest O-line in the country.


    • DawgPhan

      yeah I remember that…and I dont remember having the best OL in the country that year either.

      I was doubtful about the new SC guys, but they seem to have gotten our guys into better shape so I will trust them now.


    • Macallanlover

      And that didn’t make us an effective line at all, even in short yardage situations. I am happy if we try something besides fat and immobile for a change. Outweighing the other team has not resulted in winning the push on running plays or being fast enough to get on front of the wide rush. If they weigh over 300 pounds, I want them to be well over 6 feet tall and not have huge guts hanging over their pants. I think Coach Friend is taking a deliberate approach and I think a new philosophy is overdue. Let someone else win the title of heaviest OL, I want to see us win the battle on 3rd, or 4th, and under 3 on a regular basis.


  7. If they are still quick and strong, I like the weight loss to around or just below 300. I recall those Denver Broncos OLs of Alex Gibbs not being the biggest, but they were among the best because they got after you and got into the opposing defense quickly. For Theus, Dantzler, and Long, I kind of like the weight loss. But of course, as you mention Senator, the size for Debell and Ward is a bit troubling. I thought those two were focused on adding weight to their slender frames, not dropping it. Losing 20 pounds is a bit worrisome, and the last time we had an OT in the 270s I wanna say was a very young Jon Stinchcomb, and he got abused pretty regularly by stronger DLs until adding weight and excelling as a JR and SR.


  8. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    I’ve noticed that the majority of the OLs that we have been offering of late are smaller too … For example, of the 11 tackles we’ve offered only 4 are listed as +300 lbs & one of those is 304. Perhaps a smaller OL is the midnset of Coach Friend


  9. Ubiquitous Ga Alum

    And Mike Thorton, our starting NT, lost 12lbs to get to 290?


  10. Mike

    37 lbs is a lot of weight to lose in 4 or 5 mos.


  11. Macallanlover

    On another note unrelated to the OL weight discussion, am I the only one surprised to see Marshall anywhere near the 219 mark? Maybe it is his effortless speed but he looked closer to 200 to me last season. With 219 pounds being powered by that quickness, he may be more capable to run between the tackles this fall than many of us have thought. My guess is Gurley’s success in this area led him to find ways to increase his weight some. He had very few carries against Bama because CMB didn’t think he could take on the Bama defense’s physicality.


    • Cojones

      Holy Bejeebus! Our running backs are feeding off each other’s strengths; our O linemen are turning fat into muscle and will try to outquick our opponents. What’s next – two TEs that can fly?…..uh, sorry about that (that’s a sneak-up-onem secret we aren’t talking about in this offense)


    • Biggity Ben

      I never really thought KM was too small to run up the middle. I feel like his balance was a little dicey.


    • Bobby

      Same here. I thought he looked about 10 lbs lighter than his listed weight last season.

      And I’m not sure I’m a fan of Gurley being over 230. Does anybody think Adrian Peterson would be better off if he weighed 15 lbs more?

      I can’t think of too many really elite RBs that are that size. The only productive 230+ RBs I can think of are the fatties that the Big Ten regularly produces; I don’t think they would fair nearly as well in the SEC.


  12. Chris

    DB Josh Harvey-Clemons — 212 — (+5)

    Looks like the campus cops really put a hurting on JHC’s off season “mary jane” weight gaining program. Think he could have gotten a prescription for that out at CU or Oregon?

    On a serious note, looks like he isn’t going to be making the Ogletree transition from S to ILB or with his height OLB. I can’t remember the last 6’5″ S in the SEC.

    RB Todd Gurley — 232 — (+14)

    Um, Trent Richardson with more speed?


  13. Mg4life0331

    Maybe they been running the hell out of the stadium steps for sucking in the spring game?