The art of being a jerk

Turns out Mike Gundy is even better at it than I first gave him credit for – he lifted most of the transfer restrictions on Wes Lunt, though not publicly, but did it so late in the process that Lunt had lost contact with the coaches he’d had previous relationships with so that Gundy’s apparent change of heart had no effect.  Well played, sir.

All that being said, the lesson here is that if you’re an OSU player who wants to transfer and Gundy even hints that he’s prepared to gum up the works on that, go to the media with your problem early and often.  And if you’re a coach who isn’t named Randy Edsall going up against Gundy on the recruiting trail, I think you know what to say.


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13 responses to “The art of being a jerk

  1. DugLite

    I had respect for Gundy. Now not so much.

    • gastr1

      Based on what? It wasn’t clear he was a complete arse before now? I must say, between him, Bielema, Kiffin, Spurrier, Urbz, Franklin, et. al., give me someone like Saban every time, frankly.

  2. Debby Balcer

    Definitely a jerk.

  3. WillTrane

    Let see the other side of Gundy. 3 of his former OCs are now head coaches-West Virginia, North Carolina, & Southern Miss. Plus this year he had to hire a new one, Mike Yurcich, who coached one of the top O’s in the country and top QBs. Perhaps, Lunt is a cry baby…maybe he would not fit in the scheme. You can check out Ubben for your slef.

    • The issue isn’t Lunt’s motivation for leaving, Will. You’re not seriously suggesting that kids can’t transfer unless they have a valid reason for doing so, are you?

      • gastr1

        Not only that, but blocking him from virtually everywhere of even slight interest is just petty and mean-spirited.

  4. WillTrane

    Coaching is a business. Gundy called his HS coach about it. Lunt committed to OSU based on their O. Lunt fits Illini scheme. Lunt is home, now. Lunt may not fit Gundy’s O change. Personally do not think Gundy played with him. Coaches at all levels understand that street runs both ways.Not into judging either, but Ubben is ESPN…that is different for me…motivation for story.

    • gastr1

      Here again…why must Gundy refuse to let him transfer to so many schools? What could possibly be the rationale for not letting him transfer to Southern MIssissippi, for example?

  5. Mike Gundy

    I”M A MAN!!! I”M AN ASSHOLE!!!

  6. “Bob Stoops, Mike Gundy, and Jerry Sandusky are walking through a field. They see a college football player trapped in an hypocritical, needlessly restrictive system.

    Sandusky says to Stoops and Gundy,“We should go over there and ***k him.”

    Stoops and Gundy reply,“Sure. Out of what?”

    by Scipio Tex on Jun 6, 2013 | 2:43 PM

    • Cojones

      The zenith of gallows humor; as well is alive on Pine Island, what with their mango festival widout da mangoes.

    • Cojones

      You do realize that we have lived up to the Senator’s blog title, don’t you?