Wednesday morning buffet

Lots of good stuff today…


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10 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Puffdawg

    Re: Athlon

    Kiffin Effect?


  2. WF dawg

    “They lined up in pro sets and twins and you got a chuckle out of it, then 450 yards and 42 points later they got the last laugh.”


  3. The other Doug

    From the year round football link: “Athletic directors see the certainty of a big increase in expenses and a highly uncertain return on that investment.”

    Well, they just need to ask ESPN what it’s worth. 😉


  4. JasonC

    Feldman’s list can’t be correct because according to Spurrier and the entire national media UGA always plays a soft schedule.


  5. Vaccaro comes off as the kind of sleaze bag you stereotypically associate with summer basketball camps, AAU, etc. They are always looking out for the players as they pocket huge sums of money and attach themselves as “mentors” to future millionaires. I don’t disagree with the merits of the case – I think players should be able to profit off the use of their names and/or images if someone else is allowed to, but Sonny is railing against a culture he helped create… that also paid him quite handsomely.

    I sure do hate it that O’bannon got a free ride to one of the most prestigious public universities in the country. Poor guy. Seems that he put his misfortune to good use, though – lottery pick & a big payday… just not the education part.


  6. WarD Eagle

    Really? Someone is asking what caused SPUAT’s drop off?

    Western Kentucky
    Florida Atlantic
    Ole Miss


    Mississippi State
    Texas A&M
    Western Carolina


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Spring football? I’m all for it as long as it’s an NCAA Lingerie League.


  8. Cojones

    The Totally Objective Organization of Faculty Athletic Representatives (TOOFAR) have outdistanced their acronym. Same goes for the Collegiate Athlete’s Commissioners Association (CACA).

    The “ink is hardly dry” meme of Faculty Athletic Representatives Team (FART) can be used incessantly until someone realizesthat the ink should never have been typed to paper for their contrived footdragging/screaming all the way to a true Playoff (someday). Hope we get enough of us senior citizens on that committee so that we can say the old FARTs are in charge.