Amateurism is good for business.

Moody’s downgrades the NCAA’s credit outlook based on concerns about the O’Bannon case.

This quote is a doozy:

“The escalation of risks reflect the growing perceived disconnect between the amateurism of student-athletes, as codified by the NCAA, and the commercial success of high-profile college sports,” the agency’s report said. “Increased public discourse about the best interest of student-athletes combined with highly publicized litigation could destabilize the current intercollegiate athletic system and negatively impact the NCAA and its member universities.”

“Perceived disconnect”?  The NCAA?  Mark Emmert has no idea what Moody’s is talking about.



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4 responses to “Amateurism is good for business.

  1. Lrgk9

    “Move Along. Nothing to see here…”
    Mark Emmert


  2. Don Peyote

    It’s kind of messed up to me that Moody’s would be rating the NCAA. Like those sons of bitches are the paragon of objectivity and cool reason.


  3. 69Dawg

    This may just do the trick to turn the Presidents on the NCAA case. Notice that Moody’s said “Member Universities”. Well now we are talking having to pay higher interest on those bonds we issue to build bigger and better ivory towers. Moody’s for the win.