Rodney Garner’s Freudian slip

The man was back on his old stomping grounds yesterday (“It’s awesome,” Garner said before the meeting. “It would be better if I could sell my house.”), speaking to the Greater Athens Auburn Club, where he had this to say:

“When you come in Sanford Stadium … I mean to Jordan Hare-Stadium,” he said correcting himself. “You better be ready to suit it up.”

Old habits die hard.  Good thing they’re playing in Auburn this year.  Otherwise, he’d probably wind up in the wrong locker room before the game.


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22 responses to “Rodney Garner’s Freudian slip

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Must be tough being in the Auburn Club in Athens when your team has been outscored 83-7 over the past two seasons

  2. I wanna Red Cup

    The DAWGS were certainly ready last year

  3. Spike

    Auburn Club in Athens? Who knew? Watch your toilet paper,guys…

    • cube

      I’m picturing about 8-10 people gathered at the Wendy’s on Prince Ave.

    • Normaltown Mike

      There’s actually a decent number of Auburn folks in Athens. These are real live Auburn grads so they are quite pleasant. Not the frothing lunatic fans from wire grass Alabama that never cracked a book past 8th grade.

      In my view, there are more Auburn fans in Athens than Tech or Climpson, which are geographically closer.

  4. Thank you Marc. I met Rodney at a party in Mountain Brook many years ago. He was there with Coach Dooley. My son was going to Auburn Football camp that year, instead of Georgia FBC. When I ask him, (Rodney) why the list of stuff Nicholas was to bring was so different from Georgia FC. Vince and Rodney told us that Auburn dealt with a different breed of players. Auburn’s packing list was more about what not to bring. Such as, “NO GUNS, KNIVES, DRUGS AND SUCH. GFC’s list was more about what to bring: Beach Towel, Bible, Insect repellant, etc. etc. My son was 14 years old.

  5. Dawg in Beaumont

    There are Auburn fans all over Georgia, it’s not metro Atlanta’s official back-up school for nothing!

    Love the 76-0 scoring run we have going on them.

    • You are correct. It bothers me that there are so many GEORGIA tags with Auburn, Florida, and Tennessee all over Atlanta. I know there’s money being made off them that benefits us, but it still makes me mad.

  6. PatinDC

    Where is his house? Maybe I am in the market😉

    • Normaltown Mike

      Oconee County, in a subdivision off Clotfelter Road.

      It’s very close to Stripling’s, that fancy new gas station/butcher shop on the corner of 78 and 53.

      • Hope there’s some security since now 1 million people know where it is! Geez…dude?

        • Macallanlover

          Seriously? You think people really care about where a house for sale is located, or that CRG requires paparazzi-like protection? I detect no animosity toward Rodney Garner on this site, and for all the flakiness of a few posters, I don’t think any are violent or lean toward property damage. Most UGA fans I have heard comment feel Garner was great for us over the first few years, a pain for a few because of the continually job interviews, and finally time for him to go at the end because his candle seemed to have burned out and lost its value.

        • Normaltown Mike

          I know you don’t live in the area cuz my description is extremely broad (Clotfelter is a long country road, the gas station is the ONLY commercial structure for miles and miles) and certainly doesn’t identify exactly where Coach G’s house is located.

          That said, many of the posters here are scoundrels, I mean lawyers (the Senator included) so we all are pretty adept at finding out this type of info through some public search sites.

  7. Ben

    To be fair, he wasn’t wrong with what he was about to say.