Gainesville’s menace to public safety

I can’t say I’m too surprised about the outcome to Antonio Morrison’s bouncer punching.  Huntley Johnson was on the mother.

As part of his agreement with the State Attorney’s Office, Morrison must pay a prosecution fee of $100 and donate $150 to CDS Family and Behavioral Health Services or perform 12 hours of community service.

Morrison also must attend a drug and alcohol abuse program at UF, attend an anger management program and take part in two eight-hour ride-alongs with UF police.

Morrison must fulfill the terms of the agreement in six months. If he does, his record will be clean.

I can’t help but wonder how this incident will play out by comparison, though.  It would be awfully cynical to think that a walk-on redshirt punter would be in greater need of rehabilitation through the criminal justice system than a projected starting middle linebacker.  But not necessarily wrong.  After all, don’t forget that a scooter was involved.


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19 responses to “Gainesville’s menace to public safety

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Huntley Johnson doesn’t just have good seats at Florida games. At this point, he’s meant so much to the program that I suspect they let him call two or three plays a year.


  2. pantslesspatdye

    Dude is basically out $250. Two 8-hour ride alongs: that not only sounds like fun, it likely gives him insight into how to keep things on the “down low”.


  3. timphd

    I’m sure Muschamp will “handle all this internally” and there will be a “price to pay”. Of course that price will not likely include loss of any playing time.


    • Dog in Fla

      For Antonio’s in-house punishment, observers expect that “Grant Van Aman, a Florida Gators’ Walk-On Redshirt Freshman Punter, Arrested for DUI on Scooter Early Saturday” will be ordered by Boom to do the Stairway to Heaven which means riding his scooter up and down the 37F stadium steps ten times while wearing an Aaron Hernandez replica jersey and then clear the front porch of Huntley’s law office of dirt dobber nests. Too bad Grant wasn’t popped in Athens. Had that been the case, he would have easily passed the middle-name portion of the interrogation.


  4. IndyDawg

    Huntley Johnson, Gator MVP, how many years running?


    • Dog in Fla

      Since the start of the Irvin Meyers Era:

      “Despite representing athletes since 1984, Johnson hasn’t always cornered UF’s football market. Criminal defense lawyer Robert Rush handled numerous cases during the Steve Spurrier and Ron Zook eras, including battery charges against Taurean Charles and Steven Harris.”

      Some think that’s when Irwin first realized a certain je ne sais quoi about Huntley:

      “I know I would be a better person, just for meeting his toupee.” (h/t Left to Right)


  5. Ralph

    He will probably miss the first quarter against Toledo.


  6. WillTrane

    Deferred prosecution…Hernandez are you listening. Drug & alocohol abuse program, CDS family & behavioral health service. 29 NFL players arrested since Super Bowl. Fran Tarkenton on Fox this morning talked about this. Here is a word for football at D1 and NFL. It is FUBAR. And this is what college is about…helping guys to draft, big contracts, and keeping them afloat until then.


  7. I’m not familiar with criminal law that much Senator. Just curious though, why does Huntley Johnson get so much credit, as people tend to gloss over the other side of that legal duo that is his supposed former fraternity brother and noted Bull Gator, state’s attorney Bill Cervone? Wouldn’t Cervone be more worthy of credit for all these dropped charges and plea deals, since it’s his office that has to approve and accept them?


    • ScoutDawg

      Not a rookie here, but that is a new name and alleged allegations that are very interesting to me.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      That would explain how Huntley Johnson has been able to get all those sweetheart deals for his football player clients.


      • Dog in Fla

        An Alachua County tradition since before the start of The Irvin Meyers Era:

        “Those who believe Cervone is soft on Florida athletes often point to facts he does not hide. He has been a Florida football season-ticket holder since 1977, is a season-ticket holder for men’s basketball and is a member of the Gainesville Quarterback Club. He also is an adjunct professor at UF’s law school, where he taught trial tactics for nearly 20 years.

        “Yes, I get a paycheck from them [Florida],” Cervone said. “But if anyone thinks that I’m going to sell out on any case and my whole professional career for some athlete, or any student, or anything else, they’re just wrong.”

        There is a bookcase in Cervone’s office featuring Gators memorabilia. On one shelf, near a set of orange-and-blue Beanie Babies, are an autographed Ron Zook football and an autographed Billy Donovan basketball.

        “In no way has anyone at the university tried to interfere with or tried to influence any of the investigations we’ve had,” Cervone said. “My relationship with [Athletic Director] Jeremy Foley is very good, and all Jeremy has ever asked is to just tell us what’s going on so that they don’t get caught unaware. So that’s what we do.

        “I had the same direct relationship with Coach [Steve] Spurrier. I met Coach Zook, but he has not called me once….

        Few people are as influential in Tallahassee as coach Bobby Bowden. But Meggs said neither FSU Athletic Director Dave Hart nor Bowden has ever called him about a case.

        “It’s a line I don’t even cross,” Meggs said. “I don’t go to games, although I used to. I follow them pretty regularly. Every year there is a coaching clinic, and so I guess I’ve cooked up some steaks for Coach Bowden and some others a few times.”


        • Cojones

          Damn, that’s good! You took Cervone’s self-righteous words of noninfluence right out of his mouth and indicted him at the same time.

          It is worth noting that our Fing Scooter dealership in Gainesville has installed police avoidance devices that cause the scooter to physically repel itself when near cruisers (thus the reason he swerved in front of the cruiser). At the request of FU’s kicking team we are installing IQ devices to prevent dumbshits from turning on the ignition.

          Think what DIF could do for your law firm(s) by being able to create case history and precedence at the same time.