The Chick-fil-A Bowl changed everything.

“If we come out and beat Georgia, not just beat ‘em but beat the mess out of ‘em like we should, I don’t see no problems in getting started in the right direction. I don’t have disrespect for them or for nobody else, I just believe we can be just the kind of team we want to be, the talent is here, we know how to win.” – Sammy Watkins, The Greenville News, 6/30/13

I’m sure this has already been slapped up on the ol’ bulletin board at Butts-Mehre, but I’m having a hard time getting that worked up about Sammy Watkins’ bravado.  For one thing, he qualified the whole thing with an “if”.  For another, you’re supposed to believe in your team.  (Not to mention I suspect Sammy is going to have a pretty good night against Georgia’s secondary.)

But I do question his knowledge of history.  When’s the last time over the course of a season Clemson was the team its players wanted it to be?



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32 responses to “The Chick-fil-A Bowl changed everything.

  1. DawgPhan

    Should be a good game…anyone got an extra?


  2. chatlottedawg

    Even with as many eggs as we’ve laid in big games the past few years, Clemson’ s the one program I can see us just totally laying the wood on in a marquee game. Mostly because they have a pretty good history of starting the season off overrated.


  3. Tim Rankine

    50-45 good guys over the orange, again.


  4. Debby Balcer

    I love it when other teams disrespect us it is the best motivation.


  5. Dog in Fla

    Many moons ago, some IPTAYs thought no one had an answer for Sammy Watkins


  6. Dabo Swinney

    That wasn’t the Chick-fil-A bowl! That was the Super Bowl!


  7. Gravidy

    Like you, I don’t have a problem with him having that attitude. In fact, I would WANT him to have that attitude if he were on my team, but I’d also want him to shut the hell up about it when reporters are around.


  8. 202dawg

    At least he covered himself with the double-negative ‘I don’t see no problems…’


  9. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I know it wasn’t a season but Clemmons sure was the team its players wanted it to be against LSU.


  10. here’s how it’s going to go. a steady dose of Gurley and Marshall. Slow to line. Let the clock tick. Adjust the formation, identify changes in blocking for blitzing linebackers. a couple hard snap counts and an off sides. Set up and do it again this time quickly and gut the middle with Gurley for about 20 or so. Repeat. Except now you have Marshall bouncing one to the outside, gets a block….whooops gone for about 40. now we really need to slow down, so we throw a nice little screen pass for a minimal loss. wait for that clock to wind down and let gurley hammer away for another 20 or so into the end zone. Look at the clock. oh not enought time. next time lets throw in some more purposeful plays for loss. then give to our hosses. and pound it away. when they load the box. let murray embarrass their corners with mitchell or conley on a post route. hit the tight ends a couple times for some big yards. their heads will spin. now we pound it again up the middle and back into the endzone. this will be the theme. stop us. if you can do it. you will win. if you can’t/ you are going to be miserable. GATA DAWGS


  11. TennesseeDawg

    He ended by saying “like we should” so he believes Clemson should beat the mess out of Georgia


  12. Just the same, Sammy would be wise upgrading his dental insurance due to
    Tray Matthews being on the field with him.


  13. This post brings up an issue personally that I have been sort of dreading. My wife and her family are Clemson grads and die-hard Clemson football fans. My father-in-law is especially devoted and is a season ticket holder- complete with a basement decked out in Clemson sports memorabilia. Now I have never had to deal with UGA playing Clemson (met her post-2003 and I have been outwardly able to pretend like I root for Clemson- but its all pretense), but now I am going to spend the 4th of July weekend with her family. Father-in-law is sensitive about Clemson, and from talking to him, one would think Clemson is on the brink of a dozen straight national titles after just winning several.

    So I think I am never going to mention this game ever going forward…win or loss. Seems like the safest course of action. Anyone else ever have to deal with this?

    p.s. Of course, if her family had been Gator fans, that would have been a deal breaker. Never would have married her and couldn’t deal with it annually. 🙂


  14. Scott W.

    To paraphrase Point Break. We could tell you about how Clemson is garbage and purple and orange never go together. That you’re annually overrated and always go down in a spectacular ball of flames, but that would be a waste of time. We’re just gonna fuck you up.


  15. This is so perfect. Just like 2003.


  16. “Not to mention I suspect Sammy is going to have a pretty good night against Georgia’s secondary.”

    Do you not think Swann will do an OK job against him? He isn’t as big as Amari, so I figure that neutralizes him for a large part.

    Our safeties are green, and there isn’t much depth yet, and JHC will be absent. But what other guys do they have? Their tight end is gone, and they lost Hopkins. Sammy seems to be the only guy. Boyd would have to dominate the game in order to score enough points to peat Georgia.

    Clemson will score points, and Watkins will have his touchdown or two, but the ‘W’ belongs to Georgia at the end of the night.