Athens, not your typical college town.

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7 responses to “Athens, not your typical college town.

  1. Tim

    Lexicon entry for Athens: The Jimmy Williamson Prefecture


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Apparently the Georgia Department of Natural Resources didn’t get the memo, either.


  3. Dboy

    A BUI? Damn, you could have given me 1 000 000 guesses at the reason our field goal kicker was suspended for the Clemson game and I’m not sure BUI would have made the list. How bad is this going to suck it the game comes down to a 45 yd field goal?!?!


    • Cojones

      Hell, our next kicker will just toke one and then kick it through from 60. Williamson will then issue a KUI.


  4. Merk

    Remeber that game against UF where Murray threw 2 4 down TDs cause CMR did not trust Walsh….I forsee Murray getting the go on 4th inside the 40.


  5. not like Morgan was good from outside the 20 anyway guys lol…