Gator trouble

Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Bianchi’s wet dream.

And with this story coming out in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, it’s pretty obvious that Florida’s getting a lot of unwanted attention about its… um, support of student-athletes who run into trouble.

As prosecutors prepare to try former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez on murder and gun charges, new details have emerged about a 2007 bar fight at the University of Florida that suggest the incident was far from trivial.

According to a 2007 police report obtained Monday by The Wall Street Journal, Hernandez had a brush with the law at Florida before he’d even played a down.

That’s what made him one of Corch’s top 1% of the top 1%.

Speaking of Meyer, that’s got to be the one disappointment for Bianchi – that he’s no longer around to bask in the warmth and love of the Gator media on the subject.  But that doesn’t mean Bianchi can’t reminisce about the good old days.

When Urban Meyer coached in Gainesville, we media cynics used to call Johnson the most valuable member of UF’s staff even though he doesn’t actually work for the Gators. Even so, he was Meyer’s ingenious and innovative “defensive coordinator” because he was so effective at defending some of the Urbanator’s gun-toting, bar-fighting miscreants and malcontents.

Fun times.  Even if Corch is reluctant to join in.

Where’s a Seat 37F when a guy needs one?


UPDATE:  By the way, that witness called over to try to intervene in the bar dispute?  None other than His Tebowness.  Timmy may not have been able to stop Hernandez from throwing a punch, but it seems like he helped get the ball rolling on the fix.

Hernandez told the officer both he and Tebow had already called then-UF football coach Urban Meyer and informed him about the incident.

A day later, the investigator officer told Hernandez’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, he would not be pursuing charges in connection with alcohol served to minors at the restaurant, but he wrote, “it would be noted in the report so the coaches could handle it internally.”

That was thoughtful.



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29 responses to “Gator trouble

  1. The other Doug

    I wonder when Ohio State will realize what they have done?


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Is Huntley Johnson licensed to practice law in Massachusetts? And is Johnson’s college roommate the prosecutor in that jurisdiction? No? Oops! Aaron’s in deep sh!t this time.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    I’d like to gradulate Hurntley Johnston for his gusty defernsive performance of that Gata and recognize that he is the not only the best legal but the best lawyer in the country. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, them Gata legal counsel don’t take no jive.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Corch just keeps on proving his integrity. What an admirable man. That’s the kind of guy I want my son to play for.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    There’s a little satisfaction here that Finebaum is probably green with envy that Bianchi scooped him.


  6. Allen

    I can’t help but wonder if Hernandez had suffered any consequences as the result of his actions while in Gainesville would three people still be alive today?


    • Well, lets look at it this way, if the accusations are true, Hernandez acted as if there would be no consequences for his actions. I mean he does realize that law enforcement is motivated to pursue a murder no?


    • But to your point Allen, that is the million dollar question and its a fair one in my opinion.


      • NRBQ

        I think not.
        After all is said and done, he may also be guilty in two more murders, of the drive-by variety, and shooting an acquaintance in the face for pissin’ him off.

        He’s an animal.


  7. Dawgfan Will

    I’m sure someone has already said this, but does this mean that spending fifteen minutes with Tim Tebow *didn’t* make Hernandez a better person?


  8. sniffer

    Million Dollar Gator Question:

    What did Cam do that was so bad?


  9. Dog in Fla

    “You done messed up A-a-ron…”


    • Cojones

      Key and Peele (pronounced pee ellie) could peel the white off a black and white cruiser. One is the son of a white mother/black fatrher and the other the son of a black mother/white father. Their humor will do more for race relations than any entity that I can think up.


  10. fishook dawg

    I wonder when Hernades trial starts, if they’ll call Urban Meyer in as a character witness??


  11. Dog in Fla

    “UPDATE: By the way, that witness called over to try to intervene in the bar dispute? None other than His Tebowness.”

    “Unbelievable. That guy loves to witness.” (h/t snoop-a-loop)