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Shomer Shabbos!

Pretty funny catch on a Tom Osborne point of pride:

The penultimate chapter in the book, “A Difficult Road to Walk,” is an in-depth exploration of Osborne’s Christianity — he notes that he never infringes on Sundays during the season, so his players can attend services, “Protestant, Catholic or Jewish”…

Mighty white of you there, Coach.  (Not that it likely ever was an issue.)

It’s just a good thing Walter Sobchak never played ball at Nebraska.  (Definitely NSFW.)



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Mark Richt has not lost control of Chip Towers.

The AJ-C‘s Georgia beat writer delivers a timely “everybody just chill the eff out” message:

Judging from my email inbox and interactions on social media, concerns are beginning to mount regarding discipline on the Georgia football team. With Monday’s news that starting place-kicker Marshall Morgan was arrested over the weekend for boating under the influence, the Bulldogs are known to have had four players have brushes with the law since spring…

… That said, I have to reiterate that I don’t believe there’s a discipline problem within the football program at Georgia. The issues that have arisen the past couple of months are the same ones that come up regularly with college students everywhere. And with 125 student-athletes to supervise, it’s inevitable that a few such things surface every year.

The difference in UGA and some other programs is its conduct codes and policies are spelled out very clearly and publicly. And, generally, their internal processing of such matters is fairly transparent, markedly so in comparison to a lot of other places.

Just because that’s true doesn’t mean it’s not easy to lose sight of.


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Strength in (returning) numbers

Correlation is not causation and all that, but, still, these are heartening numbers if you’re a Dawg fan:

Of the 14 teams that returned 10 or 11 [offensive starters] in the last 4 years, 10 went on to an equal or better number of regular season wins in the next season.


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Things change.

A year ago, I was fretting over the state of Georgia’s running game after Crowell’s dismissal.

… The reality is that Mark Richt now turns to a group composed of one tailback who quit the team for a few days last year (you think Carlton Thomas wishes he could have a mulligan?), two true freshmen (only one of whom enrolled early) and this year’s early leader for the Kiante Tripp Award (not to mention that a good part of the fan base never wants to see him take another snap at tailback).

Put it another way, Dawg fans – your leading returning rusher now is Brandon Harton.  Combine that with an offensive line that’s not exactly expected to be a rock when things get underway and it should be hard to escape that nervous feeling.

Now?  ESPN’s Chris Low, on ranking Georgia with two of the top three backs in the conference:

It’s almost unfair that Georgia would have both Gurley and Marshall on the same roster.

If only the Dawgs could be in the same place with the secondary this season.


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Billy Clyde Puckett would call that a semi-denial.

My, these are some carefully chosen words.

Employee Michael Taphorn suffered a burst ear drum when punched by Hernandez, and initially told police he wanted to pursue charges. But he later had second thoughts, according to the supplemental report.

Taphorn stated he had been contacted by legal staff and Florida coaches about a possible agreement in the case. A Florida spokesperson told ESPN.com’s Andy Katz Tuesday night that “No one from the university’s general counsel’s office was involved in this matter.”

Well, that eliminates half the usual suspects.  It’ll be interesting to hear if Corch, who’s already getting his back covered by the local media (the power of Seat 37F?), issues a denial for the other half.


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