Strength in (returning) numbers

Correlation is not causation and all that, but, still, these are heartening numbers if you’re a Dawg fan:

Of the 14 teams that returned 10 or 11 [offensive starters] in the last 4 years, 10 went on to an equal or better number of regular season wins in the next season.


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18 responses to “Strength in (returning) numbers

  1. Go Dawgs!

    10 doesn’t seem to be as big a deal as it once was. How many of them won 12 or more?


  2. pantslesspatdye

    So you are saying there is a 71.429% chance we could go undefeated for the 2013 regular season. Fun stat, but the 4 year time frame makes the data seem a bit cherry-picked and, um, KICKERS BE DAMNED, WE’RE GOING UNDEFEATED!!!


  3. Rival

    I smell optimism.

    Stop it.


    • Otto

      Agreed lets see some stats for turnover on defense.

      I’m looking forward to next year but, Clemson bothers me. 1 SEC game can be overcome with a SECCG win.


  4. mdcgtp

    It is one thing to have a lot of returning starters. It is another thing to have a lot of returning starters who were as good as the ones we have back. As effective as we were, there are still areas where we could be significantly better in 2013, including: overall OL play, RB pass protection, and “move the chains” yardage consistency from our TE position (i am not ascribing much skill to Lynch catching and running for huge yardage when no one was in his area code) . Theoretically, Rome gives us that athleticism at TE. Assuming we don’t suffer a ton of injuries, we should have better depth at WR. I personally think Wooten will give us efficient production in a Mikey Henderson/Sean Bailey/Tony Small like senior year manner, which for a team with a main course of MItchell, Bennett, and Conley is a nice side dish. The OL play will be really interesting to watch. I don’t think we perform anywhere near the level of Bama a year ago, as that is a ridiculous standard. That said, I think there is considerable room for improvement. My hope is we can cut down on holding and false start penalties on the OL because guys are simply more experienced and know what they are doing.


    • Dboy

      Theus alone was good for 2-3 penalties per game the first 1/2 of last yr


      • Todd

        Watch him against Clowney. He is going to need a little help from his friends.


        • Biggity Ben

          Bigger risk against Clowney, starting Theus or a Guard at Left Tackle?


          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Theus will be fine if they chip Clowney with a back or TE. On the outside hip. On every play. He’ll be out of the game before the 4th quarter.


    • Cojones

      Take that experience and apply it across the board for our O. I ditto your remarks about Wooten and the WRs. All Wooten needs is some good lovin’ from all the fans.


      • shane#1

        Don’t forget JSW, had to put in a word for the homeboy. UGA is uber deep at receiver so I look for more multiple sets and more of a hurry up from the shotgun in a single back formation. I see the pistol being used more too. The Dawgs have too many guys that can take it to the house to play keep away. Spread’em out, keep’em confused, open some lanes for the backs so that they don’t have to pound against a brick wall, and open some lanes so that Murray can see his receivers. Maybe then he doesn’t get the ball batted back into his face, or give up an INT.


        • NRBQ

          I’m on record as having boarded the JSW fan-bus, too, Shane.

          I think by ’14, he’ll be a Dawg star.


  5. 202dawg

    From his lips to God’s ears…


  6. Keese

    Last time we used that returning offensive starter stat to predict wins was the year we lost to colorado


  7. fIt may just be me..but I have confidence in each of the position coaches being able to analy\ze the ability of each player and utilize him as he deserves to be…silly me, just didn’t think our readers were that good.


  8. Mg4life0331

    I love the daily dogporn. I love the optimism. Id rather feel like this than being in the dumps with thoughts impending doom about the upcoming season.


  9. Cojones

    Senator, now that you have a bunch of happy puppies jumping up and down, whaddaya gonna do from now to Sept?

    Sic’em Dawgs! Oh. We aren’t playing yet.