Morons are entitled to celebrate freedom, too.

My go-to July Fourth clip:

Love ya’, Murica.  Happy birthday!


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18 responses to “Morons are entitled to celebrate freedom, too.

  1. Senator, I’m having delightful laughing pains. You so funny! 🙂🙂

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Thanks. I poached that on to Facebook.

  3. gastr1

    Yeah, this is a classic. ‘Merika!!

  4. gastr1

    My personal favorite, as of last year: the San Diego Premature Explodation.

  5. What the hell? What happened?

  6. Cojones

    Thanks go to all the Veterans who faced death and bullets to get us here. It wasn’t a bunch of faceless people whose sacrificed lives were a footnote only admired on Memorial Day. They had every right to be here celebrating with us, but forfeited their greatest gift so that we might. Here’s to those who didn’t make it and here’s to those who did. Your bravery to fight while frightened out of your wits (meaning everyone valued their lives) and that’s the greatest bravery of all.

  7. Will Trane

    Proud to be an American, and a man of the South. Thank GOD for “we the people” and our love for sports, and those DAWGS. A Semper Fi to my fellow alums and combat veteran Marines! Not long now to media days and the start of camp…coming in a rush. Enjoy the Georgia summer, but be safe, and good.

  8. SouthGaDawg


  9. shane#1

    My people having fun.

  10. WVMtnDawg

    My favorite is the dog with the Roman candle!