“We’re going to look big and sexy up front.”

I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll be watching those holding calls in Auburn games very carefully.


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  1. Macallanlover

    I thought he handled that interview very well (for an Auburn student it was actually remarkable.) While his prediction of 7-10 wins should be dismissed as delusional, you can overlook that since players should be setting stretch goals and speaking optimistically about their expectations.

    The exact ranking of the running games of Bama and UGA are irrelevant; both are excellent, and very dangerous to any opponents’ defenses. Acknowledging that the OL may be where the true difference lies is the correct assessment, imo. Being a UGA fan makes it hard to claim objectivity but I think Gurley would be my choice if I could draft/recruit either. Yeldon ran behind a far superior OL last season, and did so after lacy had battered everyone on the defense, so it is hard to evaluate with certainty. As a DC, you would much rather not see either one on your schedule and enter this discussion as an interested observer.


  2. Mg4life0331

    “I thought he handled that interview very well (for an Auburn student it was actually remarkable.)”

    I was surprised myself.


  3. uglydawg

    You guys stole my thunder concerning the interview and the comparisons. Most kids will believe in themselves and their team-mates, so his enthusiasm is understandable. Auburn would almost have to be improved over last year’s disaster (but I hope not).


  4. Cojones

    Right on, Mac. But while we all admire and get gidgety about the great Bobo O Machine, we forget that all other SEC teams aren’t watching us with an open mouth, jaw-drop admiration; rather, they are getting ready with fine stables of athletes all around. They all are getting bready for us–each and every one. While we run our minds over our smooth looking running stable they are working hard everywhere to confront Bobo’s juggernaut. This is not the Auburn of the last two years and we will have a fight on our hands at Aub, Tenn, Vandy, Ken plus the usual suspects. It ain’t gonna be easy and I think that our players are the first to tell you there aren’t any weaklings out there.

    We should listen to this center(who is offsides in the photo) and prepare for their ass like they are preparing for us. His playing insight of UGA/Bama offenses is on target. I think the rest of their game plans may also be on target. They will test our D and ain’t nothin’ gonna be easy this year.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      “Getting bready”? OK Old Timer, what kind of hippie code is that?


      • Cojones

        My “Leave a reply” space only fits 3 sentences; below that I’m typing blind (anyone else have that problem?). Corrected several mistakes, but missed that one. You already knew that though, didn’t you?

        Confession: I never smoked at UGA and not until I was over 30. Was serving my country at the start of the hippie movement so I was never in the scene, but that doesn’t mean that I disagreed with them, especially after Kent St.


  5. I am filled with such wonderful anticipation of this SEASON. You are guys are getting me so excited.