Can Ted Roof work his magic?

That, friends, is actually the question Sports Illustrated asks about Georgia Tech’s new (old?) defensive coordinator at its website’s front page at the link to this article.

I know Mike Bobo certainly hopes so.

This is how the piece represents Roof’s halcyon days on the Plains:

For all of his movement, however, this is worth noting: Roof’s defenses have delivered at virtually every one of his stops. At Auburn, the Tigers’ ninth-ranked rushing defense helped limit Oregon to 19 points in the BCS title game — 28 points below the Ducks’ season average.

The reality at Auburn was a little less magical than that – 68th nationally in total defense in 2009 and 76th in scoring defense (good for 11th and 12th, respectively, in the conference) and 60th in total defense/53rd in scoring defense the next season (both were 9th in the SEC).  (Stats via Marty, of course.)

Then came 2011.  A truly magical season.

On December 8, 2011, Roof accepted the defensive coordinator position at the University of Central Florida. The move came after Roof led Auburn’s defense to one of the worst statistical seasons in the program’s history. Auburn’s defense finished the 2011 regular season 78th in the nation, allowing 405.8 yards per game. The previous yards-per-game high for an Auburn defense was 389.1 in 1979.

Roof’s three Auburn defenses yielded 107 points to Georgia, an average not much better than the now maligned Al Groh achieved in his two games coaching against the Dawgs.  This year, Roof will be weaning Tech’s 3-4 personnel off the old system and back into a 4-3.  We’ll see what gets delivered in Atlanta on November 30th.


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20 responses to “Can Ted Roof work his magic?

  1. Rusty

    “We’ll see what gets delivered in Atlanta on November 30th.”
    I’ll take a chance on predicting that question…Nada. If all our Offensive personnel are still intact, they won’t have a chance.


  2. Dawg in Beaumont

    They’ve consistently been able to move the ball on us under Johnson (however, as last year showed, “moving” the ball doesn’t neccessarily equal “scoring”) but it is an extremely rare occurence for Paul Johnson to have an even decent defense. Not sure if it is the lack of players familiar with running the non triple offense on the scout team or what, but look at his stats from Georgia Southern to Navy and now Tech. He doesn’t produce good defenses ever.

    Keep in mind that we didn’t have Marlon Brown or Michael Bennett last year vs. Tech. If we had been pushed to score every time we had the ball how many points could we have scored on them? Being completely honest it would have been around 70.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    His magic? That reverse Midas touch? Everything he touches turns to s*!t!


  4. orlando dawg

    What will get delivered in Atlanta is another message that we run this state.


  5. Last year in Athens just like ’02, Richt mercifully called off the Dawgs to get ready for the SECCG. I get the feeling that Richt isn’t going to forget who was the defensive coordinator on the Plains in 2010 anytime soon. Roof is probably going to rue the day he allowed Nick Fairley to take dirty shot after dirty shot at Aaron Murray.


    • Cojones

      And that’s a lot of rueing. Auburn’ been rueing at a higher level than anyone, including the year after he left. Their rueing may decrease in points this year, but they will continue to see their D pounded.

      That doesn’t mean that Ted is out of the rue. In fact, he may rue a lot more since, the last time I checked, there aren’t any players on Tech’s D that could even make a ‘roo rue.


  6. Spike

    Just for once, could we not “call of the Dawgs”?


  7. Spike

    Sorry, “off”.


    • Cojones

      The fans should call them off during that game by chanting “Roof! Roof! Roof!”. That would be a double entendre of calloffs and snark up Sanford Stadium..


  8. In 2012, Penn State played four teams in the top 50 in scoring offense (none in the top 20). Penn State went 1-3 against them: Ohio State (35 pts – L), Nebraska (32 pts – L), Ohio (24 pts – L), and Northwestern (28 pts – W).

    They played five teams that were ranked 84th or worse (bottom 40) in scoring offense. Ted Roof turned an okay season against this schedule into a rehabilitation stint where now somebody somewhere thinks getting him to coach for your team is a coup?


  9. The StingTalkers certainly believe he’s the missing link.Here’s hoping for another season of delicious schadenfreude.


    • Dog in Fla

      Are you saying that StingTalkers believe he was somehow supposed to have been involved in evolution? This guy thought Roof had no leg to stand on. If a limb check proves that to be the case, maybe StingTalkers can do a bake sale or a jalopy wash fundraiser so CPJ can have an ice chest available to raise the Roof

      “The offense has been every bit as ugly as the defense this year, but you’ve got a built-in cushion with Coach (Gus) Malzahn with what he did last year,” Pate said. “Coach Roof has no leg to stand on. I’ve tried to give him the benefit of the doubt. That Georgia game just did me in. They’ve progressively gotten worse when they’ve played an offense with a pulse.”


  10. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Roof isn’t the answer for Tech, a program which seems to be devolving at an increasing rate each year.