SOD it, Missouri.

An alternate history, via Paul Myerberg’s Tennessee preview:

Tennessee was a few first downs, a third-down conversion, a fourth-down stop, a two-point conversion and an errant pass away from reaching bowl eligibility last fall, the program’s third year under ex-coach Derek Dooley. These missteps – a few of many on the year – all came in the second half against Missouri, a game the Volunteers gave away on the second Saturday of November.

Let’s say UT wins that game, doing one or two of the above to move to 5-5 with two games to play. Perhaps the Vols still lose to Vanderbilt; the Vols still beat Kentucky to reach six wins. Now, let’s say UT wins its bowl game to finish with seven victories. Let’s say the university sees enough progression to give Dooley another year – and that’s a stretch, but stick with me.

Meet the one loss that might have changed the entire future of Tennessee football: Missouri 51, Tennessee 48.

Damn it, Tigers!  Your first year in and that’s your legacy?  Barbara’s never gonna forgive you.

By the way, this line from Myerberg is Envy and Jealousy-worthy:  “Vanderbilt texted with friends as it toyed with the Vols in a 41-18 win.”


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8 responses to “SOD it, Missouri.

  1. I wanna hang out today with that guy in the Sauza ad. Barbara is a forgiving soul. SOD is gonna be just fine Mama.


    • Cojones

      That guy already has a Sauza-rita in his hand. You know the old saying: “A bird in the bush is worth two in the hands”.


  2. Maybe Vince should tell Barbara, “At least I get to go back to the Tennessee game and pull for the team responsible for our livelihood, and you don’t have to wear that ugly road crew orange on game days any more.”


  3. Cojones

    Initially I thought those plays were for the season vs other teams, then was aghast that all of those accounted for a 3 pt diff in one game. “Alternate history” my ass. “Coulda-woulda-shoulda” cringes as a metaphor.

    The guy is certifiable.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, and if it weren’t for the stringy gray hair, the glass eye, the missing teeth, the saggy boobs, the huge belly, the pear shaped ass, and the peg leg, my woman Mavis would look just like Marilyn Monroe.