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Everything is relative.

Love this quote from the Urban Meyer Innocence Tour:

Q: What do you recall of Hernandez’s brushes with the law during his time at Florida?

A: Relatively speaking, he had very minor stuff. He was questioned about being a witness (to a shooting), and he had an argument in a restaurant (in which Hernandez allegedly struck an employee in an argument over an unpaid bill), and he was suspended one game (reportedly for a failed marijuana test). Other than that, he was three years a good player. That was it.

“Relatively speaking”?  Relative to what – other Gator players?


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This time, the NFL is serious.

Yeah, this’ll fix everything.

The NFL is considering not inviting players who are academically ineligible in college to the scouting combine, a league source told CBSSports.com.

The move is being discussed because of the increased scrutiny on the maturity and commitment of the prospects entering the NFL, the source said, adding that if this measure was in place in 2013, a sizable group of players would not have been invited to Indianapolis for the combine.

But they still would have been eligible for the draft.  And, presumably, for private workouts for whatever teams wanted to see them beforehand.  Which makes it little more than some ineffective ass covering when the NFL gets asked about the next Hernandez.

Honestly, this sounds like something Mark Emmert would dream up.  Is stupidity contagious?


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Somebody’s pumped up for Jax.

Right now, Cocktail Party tickets are the most expensive college football tickets in the state of Florida and sixth highest-priced in the country.


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“Murray in some trouble… flushed. Look at that!”

My favorite offensive play from last season was the perfectly called, perfectly executed screen pass in the Cap One Bowl that blew up the Nebraska defense to the tune of an 87-yard touchdown scamper by Chris Conley.  But the play that starts at the 40-second mark of this clip wasn’t far behind:

If the play in the bowl game was all about execution, this was about improvisation.  Murray bought himself enough time with his feet to find an open Tavarres King and launch a perfect throw.  The list of college quarterbacks who could have pulled that off is a short one.  And it was also one of the biggest momentum shifts of the season.  Just a fabulous play.


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