Somebody’s pumped up for Jax.

Right now, Cocktail Party tickets are the most expensive college football tickets in the state of Florida and sixth highest-priced in the country.


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  1. Beer Money

    Ehh, keep in mind that the reason prices are so high is because neither UGA or UF fans have their tickets in hand yet and the majority have no idea where their seats are located. Therefore, the supply on Stubhub and the like are much lower than what they will be in a few weeks when they come in. Not saying demand is not there, but the figure they give for average price is a bit skewed.


    • UbiquitousGaAlum

      Was thinking along the same lines … Who would have tickets in hand now? Maybe box seats for Jaguars season tixs?


  2. Cojones

    $443 is the AVERAGE price? ‘pears so. What’s the highest price and where are the seats? If anyone has seats under the scoreboard, could you please speak up on here? There’s a project I’d like to talk to you about that can be pulled off at the end of FU’s defeat this year.


  3. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    Here’s a statistics lesson. What kind of average is this? Lots of folks use the word average to refer to a mean (add up the numbers and divide by the number of numbers) but the median (the value in the middle of the distribution) is also an average and more representative if the distribution is skewed (a few very extreme numbers on one end) which this one probably is. End of statistics lesson. I probably have too much time on my hands.


    • Beer Money

      Precisely. I can LIST tickets at $100000 if I want. And doing so severely skews the average. But there’s a 99% chance they won’t sell at this price. Gotta love it when the stupid media writes an article about tickets “going for” $20,000 to some big game. Just because they are listed that high does not mean they are selling.


      • Chi-Town Dawg

        When talking about statistics and averages, a co-worker of mine would say the average depth of Lake Michigan is 3-feet, but I wouldn’t try to walk across it. No way the average price holds up once all of the other tickets hit the market.


    • Yeah you do! 🙂 Statistics just go right over my head. Blonde moments …..


    • 66DAWGnNC

      Thanks “The Other Chuck.” I have always believed about 23% of all statistics to be flawed to begin with. You have helped solidify my theory.


  4. BigJoe

    Doubt we’ll get 6 turnovers this year vs the Gators, usually the 3 turnovers on offense are hard to overcome, but thank goodness for Jarvis, then again, he’s gone now..

    a little bit lucky in the ball bounces last year….


    • Cojones

      Yeah, but how many times was it loose for us to get 6 lucky bounces? And we have players capable to layin’ it to FU again this year and loosenin’ that ole ball.

      You ain’t from ’round heah are you Joe?