Murray has his moments.

Aaron Murray’s third-quarter numbers last season were astounding:  76-117 (65% completion rate), 1233 yards (10.54 ypa), 14 TDs, 1 INT.  All of which adds up to a 191.26 passer rating.  It’s pretty obvious that once he gets in a groove, he’s tough to stop.  He’s just got to find that point earlier on this year.

By the way, if you’re impressed with those numbers, have a look at what Murray did inside the Georgia 20.  I wonder if there was another quarterback in the country who completed more than 84% (!) of his pass attempts and put up a 214+ passer rating in that part of the field.  (McCarron didn’t, in case you’re wondering.)  I don’t know if that level of success was due to playcalling, increased focus, or what.  But it sure would be nice if they could figure that out and clone it.


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  1. heyberto

    Or take these stellar stats of his and get him in the Heisman race. Seriously, how is this kid not in the discussion?


  2. Ginny

    One day we’ll look back wistfully on the Aaron Murray era. He is a DGD and we are lucky to have him leading our team.


    • Bulldawg165

      Last year was the first time since 1989 that we’ve beat Florida in consecutive years!


    • Chopdawg

      Not just Murray…Stafford, Shockley, Greene, Bobo, Zeier…we’ve had mostly great QB’s in the last 20+ seasons. Need to appreciate this run of stellar players at the most important position on the field.


  3. Skeeter

    Imagine how much better Mason could have been! [snark]


  4. The other Doug

    I’m guessing opposing defenses had a hell of a time defending the entire field because we had a strong running game plus the play action bomb.


  5. Macallanlover

    That RZ proficiency was when I first thought/knew we would score on Bama at the end of the SECCG. I had been conditioned that we got 7 anythine we wanted to inside the 15. Of course, I was waiting for him to end Bennett coming across the middel on that post slant, only two problems with that: 1) MB wasn’t dressed out for that game, and 2) that wasn’t the call. I never have, and never will, fault not spiking the ball and feel sure the fade call they made was the best for the matchups they had. But IF we had gotten the other play we all anticipated, I hope it would have been across the middle. We were money all year on that play. Yes, we will all miss AM after this year but we will have some great highlights to refresh our memory of how good he really was. Not another QB in the country would I have picked to make that drive/play. money I tells ya!


    • Hackerdog

      The Senator was talking about when Georgia is inside its OWN 20. When Georgia was inside the opponents 20 (red zone), Murray had a much more pedestrian 201 QB rating.


      • Macallanlover

        Oops, missed that “little detail”, should have read it before jumping the gun. My memory is certainly declining but I still was amazed how many times we converted in our RZ whether it was running it, or throwing it….they do work together well. I have to admit I have not been a fan of AM’s fade all that much but we seem to have gotten it done recently at an exceptional rate. Could be that we had settled for FGs so much in the past that it just felt that way to me but I felt very confident last year when we got in the scoring zone. Prior to that I had just hoped we ended up with 3 and didn’t screw the opportunity totally.


  6. Cojones

    The data may represent that opposing Ds had the same problem we had; – they were tired.

    Murray, the King of Tired Ds, is not an honor I would like to bestow on such a hard-working and talented Dawg. Yep, if we could clone tired players, Aaron would be the best ever in CFB, hands down. Wouldn’t you think that other teams seek to negate Aaron from the start by busily and energetically covering him all over the field only to wear themselves out , but up the interception rates.Now thaqt would be a piece of corrulative data-at what time during games do most of his interceptions take place. Maybe all of this illustrates that the running game should be used to tire out the D before Murray ever throws his first pass. And that would keep our D rested and better in the game.


  7. RocketDawg

    As some of us wistfully look back to the David Greene era as the benchmark for solid QB play now, in 10 years we’ll be doing the same thing to the “Murray era” and wondering why we can’t find a QB that is a solid and dependable.


  8. budro

    Love Murray, loved Greene, but man, when Stafford was on there was nothing like it. Course, you could say the same about when he was off…


    • D.N. Nation

      This is true: Stafford’s best passer rating at Georgia still wasn’t as good as Murray’s as a redshirt freshman.


      • charlottedawg

        No disrespect to Greene or Stafford but I would vote Murray as the best QB of the Richt era. And yes I’ve had my fair share of criticism for Murray. In my very amateur opinion if you go back and watch replays of the David Greene games our offense would qualify as plodding. My other opinion from watching past games is that Greene and Stafford missed a lot of throws that we frankly are so accustomed to Murray makingthat he doesn’t really get credit for them anymore. The back shoulder throw comes quickly to mind. I know Greene won more championships and Stafford had a bigger arm but I just don’t think they ran the offense as crisply as Murray does.


        • Ginny

          Completely agree.


        • Dawg19

          Had David Greene not completed that 4th-down pass to beat Auburn in 2002, how would we judge him today?

          He was fortunate to follow Quincy Carter, who may be the most hated Georgia QB by Georgia fans in history. Winning that SEC championship made him a legend. Without it, is he still highly regarded? He won a bunch of games yet only beat Florida once, despite having a MUCH better team three out of his four years. To me, Greene was good but wasn’t great. He just avoided losing games better than his predecessor.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I think Murray may be the best QB at UGA ever.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Considering that redzone effectiveness, I’m not sure Morgan being suspended for the clemson game is a liability.


    • shane#1

      Now that you brought Morgan up, here is old Shane’s crazy off season idea of 2013. It’s my off season at work so way too much time on my hands, and no, I’m not drinking, yet. I hear Ramsey has a hell of a leg so bring him in the Clemson game and let him try some kickoffs, but the secret is the single wing formation that Ramsey ran in HS. That is a way to get Gurley and Marshall and a big old FB in the game at the same time and if it works SOS will have to take some time preparing for a play that very few HS players have seen.