“You almost forget the score.”

Paul Myerberg’s Auburn preview gives me an excuse…

Auburn’s magic number is 30 – as in points per game. The Tigers have won 77 games in a row when scoring 30 or more points, a streak that dates back to a 56-49 loss to Georgia on Oct. 16, 1996.

… to post one of my favorite clips.

Hines kept ’em alive in regulation and Edwards dominated in the overtime.  What a freakin’ game.

And the clip has Munson doing his thing, with a nervous Dooley hovering in the background.  Enjoy.


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35 responses to ““You almost forget the score.”

  1. Joe Nails

    Don’t you just love it when Larry used to say, “Get the picture……”

  2. I wanna Red Cup

    Great way to start a day. I remember being in that far end zone watching Robert Edwards take over in OT. There were some killer lead blocks. Thanks Senator

  3. Well that shot a good portion of my morning. A couple of things:
    1. Why were there cameras on Larry? Was there already a plan to make tapes of his calls at this point or was this just a standard practice?
    2. Is that a young Coach Boom at 9:13?
    Thanks, I’ll hang-up and listen.

    • The Lone Stranger

      I wondered that same thing, is this the first of many schoolings at the hands of Mike Bobo for the Boomster!

    • The984

      I think it is. The colors are muted, but the kid’s sleeve trim looks orange and blue. Muschamp coached at Auburn the ’95 and ’96 seasons.

  4. Honey Bobo and all you DAWGS at GEORGIA summer football camp of 1996. Thanks for sending my Son, Jared Bryant, and Tyler Grisham on to win the Alabama State Championship for Middle School 1996. They were born in B’ham, Dad’s and Mom’s were Auburn Grads. Jared played for Navy and Tyler for Clemson….But they were all GEORGIA BULLDAWGS after 1996. Never missed a GEORGIA GAME after that. As little boys I would take them to the top of Red Mountain so we could pick up Larry. Ahhh….such wonderful memories.

  5. Hank

    Wonder how many “a beer or two” really is? RIP

  6. MUDawgfan

    I may get shouted down, but I think those big black numbers with the red trim look pretty sharp on the away uniforms.

    Ah well – Good memories.

  7. Munsom calls our receiver “Juans Daniel”

  8. uglydawg

    One of those games thaty you’ll never forget. I was travelling, listening to Munson on the radio.. I can still remember my nervousness and excitement as the game lingered on….And when the Dawgs finally prevailed (I was sitting at a red light in PTC) I blew my truck horn and at least a couple of other cars did the same…Both teams had to be exhausted and so were the fans of both teams..That had to be a miserable moment for Auburn.

  9. The other Doug

    Damn, I miss Larry.

  10. BigSam

    What made it so great was the tremendous comeback for the Dawgs. What makes it so memorable is the tremendous agony for the Aubies. Thanks for the memories, Larry.

  11. Chi-Town Dawg

    Let’s not forget the classic image on the sideline of UGA lunging in attack mode at Robert Baker the license plate maker. That picture is framed and prominently hanging on one of my walls!

  12. The Lone Stranger

    God bless you, Mike Bobo … and God bless the birth of The Green Notebook which we can trace to this day.

  13. Spike

    I even feel the cold after Larry describes it… Thanks for the memories.

    • Nate Dawg

      I was just thinking how Larry even described the weather like it was 3rd & a “long” 2. Man I love him & miss him. What a gift from God.

  14. DDowdy

    Great post! I came out of the deer woods and was greeted with the end of regulation and couldn’t pry myself away from the overtime. Was nice seeing Robert Edwards take on Takeo Spikes. Both local guys from Washington County.

  15. Spike

    “…. begged a beer or two…”. Classic.

  16. When Munson began his opening monologue, a flood of memories rushed back. The cool crisp air of a Athens fall day, the smell of the fall air, the flood of Dawg fans tailgating and gradually slipping away toward Sanford stadium. With a few sentences, Munson brought all this to my mind. Nobody else could ever conjure such a warm vision. Man, I miss that guy.

  17. D.N. Nation

    That’s actually a pretty impressive streak for Auburn, seeing how our own is only 10 games.

    (Which is impressive in of itself, seeing how those 10 games, or 12% of Auburn’s streak, happened all in 2012.)

  18. Brain

    Cory Allen made some money catches. Was it ’96 or ’97 vs GT when he caught the game winner with little time left?

  19. AutomaticDawg

    A week or two after this epic battle, my boy Hap Hines heard I had recorded the game and asked to borrow my VHS tape of it. I’ve not seen it since. This is why the interwebs are so great. I get to watch the game whenever I want and I feel slightly less annoyed at not getting my tape back from a friend and DGD.

  20. Almost left that game at halftime. Could have been worse had a few plays not been called back against Auburn. Glad I hung around. The final play of regulation seemed to go in slow motion for me. Great memories.

  21. 69Dawg

    I saw this one sitting in the Auburn section in the opposite end zone from where all the action took place. I was close to the UGA attack and actually saw it. By the end of the game all of the fans were spent.

  22. Macallanlover

    Was in a casino in Biloxi, when the comback began Dawg fans started gathering near the TVs broadcasting the game. The cheers attracted others, including some AU and Bama fans. The whole scene continued to get more agitated as the images on the screen were simply addictive. My “inner Munson” kept telling me not to get too excited because it was all a cruel hoax and we would eventually lose the game we should never have been in after the 1st three quarters. It was like two heavyweights trading punches at the end when it was all they could do to just stay on their feet. I had forgotten that was the 1st SEC overtime.

    Wow, what a game, what a finish, what a great celebration. Even the casino bosses were not mad about all the diversion from the tables. Thanks for the memories, again. I also have had that picture of Uga and Baker on my walls for a long time (even though it doesn’t fit the decor of my mountain cabin….my wife doesn’t even try to take that one down!)

    • Thank you Mac! Love that story. Kinda reminds me of when we all share how we remember where we were and what was happening during a major life event.

  23. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Note who the QB was.

  24. Dawg19

    I uploaded this. Thanks for using it again, though, I don’t profit money wise from it. Just glad Dawg fans can enjoy it!

  25. Ryan

    Wow! Thanks for that clip, it absolutely made my day. Man I miss Munson, I think I will have “beer or two” tonight and watch that again.

  26. Lorenzo Dawgriguez

    Wow. And Dooley is worse than the proverbial cat in a room full of rocking chairs. We were lucky to have had Munson, there will never be another.