Another GTP milestone

Some time during the night, GTP enjoyed its 15 millionth visit.  It could be argued that’s proof some of us need a life (probably starting with yours truly), but all I can say is thanks very much for continuing to show up here.


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34 responses to “Another GTP milestone

  1. charlottedawg

    What else am I supposed to do all day? Work?

  2. ScoutDawg

    Congratulations sir.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    See, I knew I was celebrating something when I popped that last beer off after midnight.

  4. St. Louis Dawg

    I don’t think I have missed a single day in recent history… You have a unique and balanced style of commentary. Keep up the great work.

  5. Ginny

    First thing I do when I get to work, like making my coffee. Can’t get my day started without checking here. Thanks for all the time you put into it.

  6. Athens Dog

    Just think “if you only charged a nickel a visit!”

  7. As someone who tries to blog (occasionally), I feel qualified to say your dedication, output, and quality of content are off the charts remarkable. You should get one of those McDonalds signs to mark your blog hits. Well done, sir.

  8. Macallanlover

    My congrats as well, Senator. You never get enough credit for the effort combing the interwebs for material of daily interest to so many. The regular group you have visiting is a Cheers-like collection of characters….with blinders on of course.

    One question about how “hits” are tabulated, if someone comes to the site and interacts with multiple posts, are they each counted as a hit? Or do they only count each time someone enters from another site on the web? To clarify, if I read 5 different subject posts, is that 5 hits? And if I sign one and visit the site 3 times a day, does each count as a hit? Just curious as to how the number is arrived at. I always assumed it must be like the number of magazine and billboard impressions were counted in the old days for advertising costs/value.

    • My understanding is that every time you pop on to the site to look at something, that counts as a visit.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Well, last night I was the 15 millionth visitor. But then, I also have visited 14 million other times.

        • I guess I have you to thank for those ad checks, then.😉

          • Macallanlover

            Make him meet you in JAX to get his rebate check Senator.

            Follow up to my earlier question and your reply: so a visit to the site counts as one hit. regardless of how many times I change screens to read posts, comments, etc.? That makes sense, just trying to understand how they track it. Now, is a site compensated for being “well visited” and exposed to ads, only by the number of clicks on the ads themselves, or a combo (flat rate with bonus for ad clicks)?

            • I can’t speak for this blog, but a lot of times if you click on a specific post it counts as a hit. So if I come to the general site in the morning, that’s one, then click on a story to read y’all knucklehead’s comments, that’s 2. But I’m wrong a lot.

              • Macallanlover

                “Knuckleheads, that may be racist Spence, we will have to wait for the PC Nazis to check on this. If it is ruled racist, the Senator may have to give some of that revenue earned by support from racists to Jesse and Al’s movement. They won’t worry about whether it is deserved, or not. I think you may be right on this though, when I come to the site, that is one hit, hitting a post then reading the comments and returning to the site is probably another. I do know that it is hard to get from the comments back to the list of posts, I often just re-hit the site again from my favorites list. That has to be an additional hit. Who knows, it goes to a good cause, I am sure.

                • NRBQ

                  It’s comments just like your second sentence that cause me to skip over 95% or your posts.

                  I hope that doesn’t cost the Senator money.

  9. Debby Balcer

    Well done.

  10. Congrats sir. You earned every single one of them. The next 15 million should be even better.

  11. Cojones

    Wha…What happened? Is it time for the Mumme Poll? Why didn’t I get notified?

    Do vapid comments qualify as hits? If so, you’re welcome.

  12. South FL Dawg

    If anybody deserves to be hit….well done, congrats.

  13. Mark

    Congrats Senator!! As an exile in Bammer, I appreciate all the pro Dawg material I can read to keep me from puking from the constant audio-daily, tide and barn folks bragging and bantering. One day I will be back in God’s country soil…….GEORGIA…..for good. Go Dawgs !!!

  14. Comin' Down The Track

    And now I’m 15 millionth and 20. Congratulations, good sir.

  15. Russ

    Thanks for the great site. My go to site for info on the Dawgs. Congratulations and I hope you have continued success for many years (at least until I can get a neural implant so I don’t even have to click anything).

  16. Rebar

    Thanks for giving us a place to go Senator!

  17. DugLite

    Congrats Senator! And as I have stated before….I hope you don’t yield your time on the floor anytime soon.

  18. Ed Kilgore

    As a fellow blogger, I know how hard this is, but you just keep getting better. Now if you can just do the definitive post on why we shouldn’t let all the head-injury research spoil our fun so I can ignore it for another year, I will be eternally grateful.

  19. The Lone Stranger

    Hah! The others are living only in an inferior Southern college pigskin world. Regards, suckers.

  20. NRBQ

    The Man among dawg fans.

    Thanks. And please continue.