No Seat 37F for this guy!

This piece is the journalistic – using the term in its loosest sense – equivalent of Leave Britney Alone.  (NSFW, in case you’ve never heard it.)

Think I’m kidding?  Check out this overwrought passage:

No, Meyer’s “crime” in this saga isn’t this pretense by the media that he was too lenient with Hernandez and other players at Florida. His crime is that he is now the head football coach at Ohio State, and it looks for all the world like Meyer has the Buckeyes poised for a lengthy period of dominance not just in the Big Ten, but nationally.

And that, as we have learned since January of 2001 when Tressel was hired at Ohio State, is completely unacceptable in the eyes of the media.

So now, we are to believe that Urban Meyer is to Hernandez what Dr. Frankenstein was to his monster, that Meyer is solely responsible for creating a soulless being, then knowingly and callously foisting this creature onto an unsuspecting public.

And now it is Meyer who is facing the angry torch-bearing mobs of the media, demanding justice for alleged crimes against humanity perpetrated by someone else.

This is all so predictable: The media is going to see who got away with what under Meyer at Florida, then see who is getting away with what under Meyer at Ohio State.

Not that the media actually cares about finding criminals on campuses — they could do this at every school in the country — they just don’t like the marriage of Urban Meyer and Ohio State. That’s a monster that needs to be eradicated from the face of college football.

I’d love for somebody to get him to read this embarrassing POS out loud.  I bet his voice quivers.


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21 responses to “No Seat 37F for this guy!

  1. What is it about Urban Meyer that invites supposedly objective journalists to cape up for him wherever he goes? They did it in Florida and now they’re doing it in Ohio too.


  2. I wanna Red Cup

    When did Cortch’s wife get her press card?


  3. Tyler

    The checkers speech.

    “You won’t have Corch to kick around anymore.”


  4. methinks this man is a writer on the white house press staff.


    • godawg

      He certainly has the credentials to qualify for the position. After all he works as Assistant Sports Editor for the venerable Record-Courier covering all of Ravenna, Kent and Portage County, Ohio.

      I also noticed he posted the article at 4:00 am so he was probably hammered when he did so. The Senior Sports Editor for the Record- Courier has probably not seen it yet….


  5. 202dawg

    Blatant homerism – media edition. Yuck…


  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    With apologies to Samuel Johnson: Not only is Corch a turd; he is the cause of others being turds.


  7. I especially like the part about a lengthy period of dominance because Urban Meyer has stayed at one job for more than 3 years ever and had three less than 10 win seasons at UF. (With the GPOE)


    • Nate Dawg

      Hell they should dominate for a lengthy time w that “hot knife thru butter” schedule year after year after year after year…


  8. Dboy

    That piece of writing is dripping with homerism syrup topped with a block of stupid butter


  9. Cojones

    Would imagine that his being coach at tOSU is part of some pundits’s ire. What the hell, we are in the SEC so who cares where the ahole makes a living now. Let him shit on their lawn for a while. Of course, that shouldn’t prevent him from making sure FU toes the line in recruiting.


  10. Puffdawg

    How has nobody caught this before right now:

    This guy is looking for a connection between Hernandez, Meyer, Gator football, and Ohio State football? He need look no further than in the mirror as he has voluntarily tied it all together:


  11. Normaltown Mike

    what the hell is he talking about? I don’t recall the lapdogs at ESPN casting aspersions at Tressel and tOSU until they were well deserved. When Clarett was clowning around, the spotlight was on Clarett’s clownishness, not on the school.

    When Katzenmoyer was racking up DUI’s like UGA picks up scooter violations, I recall some negative stories on Columbus & tOSU. But wasn’t the story that they brought in the Sweater Vest to “clean up” the school?

    What am I missing?


    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      A revisionist memory? Key ingredient for homerism and rabid politics, which are essentially the same thing.


  12. Dog in Fla

    “Urban Meyer is to Hernandez what Dr. Frankenstein was to his monster, that Meyer is solely responsible for creating a soulless being, then knowingly and callously foisting this creature onto an unsuspecting public.”

    I blame Tom Brady and Scott Loeffler