What’s better than winning the Heisman Trophy?

Why, winning one for which you don’t spend any money to promote, of course.

I swear, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that Greg McGarity goes through the Sanford Stadium stands a couple of hours after a game looking for loose change.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Not surprising. Dawgnight starts tonight. It’s the biggest weekend of recruiting for the program. McGarity has probably lined up peanut butter sandwiches and juice boxes to help keep costs down.

  2. Frisbee Dawg

    …all the while explaining that’s how they did it in Gainesville…

    • Russ

      If Murray was in Gainesville, they would already have built his statue.

    • HaveuseenmyStapler

      Actually, he was shooting for lunchables and snack packs this year, but they’re no longer letting him double coupon at Publix.

  3. I wanna Red Cup

    I bet he recycles all those plastic souvenir cups we leave behind, too.

  4. DugLite

    You would think any school would jump at the chance to have a Heisman Trophy winner. I don’t think much of the trophy anymore because it has become the best player on the best team for the most part, but still.

  5. I wanna Red Cup

    You can never be too careful. Don’t want to get Teo’ed

  6. defactodawg

    Let’s squeeze those pennies until they meld into one. Sheesh! And FB above, i get the hint of sarcasm but at least they were consistently winning championships across the spectrum

  7. Merk

    I think McGarity is trying to get the account balance for UGA so big that the school can run off of interest generated by it.

  8. Skeptic Dawg

    When asked about Murray potentially winning the Heisman, McFrugal had this to say, “At this stage it doesn’t appear (with the possible exception of Boise State) that winning is viewed as anywhere near as important as money.”

  9. JRod1229

    I’m all about piling on.. but he’s got a point. If you’re in the SEC you’re gonna win/lose the heisman based on performance, not some PR campaign. We, the fans, produced the name Johnny Football. ESPN pushed the envelope for him. If Murray starts out 4-0 ESPN will do all the talking for him.

    • SoIL Dawg

      Yes, if UGA starts out 4-0; the PR campaign will be rolling. Why would McGarity want to put a jinx on Murray and the team for that matter. Let the media build the hype; let Murray and the Dawgs win games. I like his strategy

      • This is the angle I saw too. I think people around Georgia are quietly nursing high hopes for the season (I know I am), and a Heisman campaign, launched this early, would feel a lot like talking about a no-hitter in the bottom of the third.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The bigger question in my mind is this: If UGA wins all of its big games in the first half of the season and Murray is having an outstanding year passing–and Gurley is having an outstanding year rushing–which one do you promote? Or do you promote both? If you do promote both is that counterproductive, opening the door for other candidates from other teams? I think we should wait and see how the season develops before plunging in.

    • If you’re in the SEC you’re gonna win/lose the heisman based on performance, not some PR campaign.

      That sure worked for Peyton.

      • JRod1229

        Comparing the SEC now to what it was back then isn’t fair play. The league is way different now and not just because new members. It’s been that way since Auburn’s undefeated season.

      • As said elsewhere Senator, I share your concern this is more about saving money than a true plan of the best route to go about this. (Although it can be said getting a social media campaign would be pretty cheap) But Felton does have a valid point that with Clemson, South Carolina, and LSU in our first four games, we’ll have a pretty good idea of how much Murray is a Heisman candidate when October 1 gets here. If he kills it in those 4 games, he’s gonna be pretty well hyped for the award and we can ramp up a campaign then. If he struggles and we lose 2 of those 3 games, it’ll be dead in the water anyway.

        • Hipster

          You win the SEC by running the ball, look at the last 5 SEC Champs, all ran the ball for 200+ yards per game.

          So, I’d be figuring out a way to get Gurley & Marshall going.

          Believe me, Steve Spurrier loses no sleep about Murray, but has recurring nightmares about UGA running for 200+.

          • Cojones

            Add to that the realization that; if Gurley had been with any other team, he already would be promoted highly by ESPN. Don’t think so? What if he was the freshman phenom RB for Ohio St, ND, Michigan, USC, FU, Bama, LSU, Oregon….do I have to continue? He would be shouted from the mountain tops. Conversely, if he runs even more wildly this year, ESPN can’t ignore him.

            People are still scratching their heads (if they follow CFB) over his nonrecognition in the Heisman race last year. Since they purposely overlooked him because he’s from UGA, what good would advertising do? The pundits who vote showed their ass last year with Teo without ever returning to say how their media manipulation of other lazy voters shout be at the bottom of a tall pile of dogshit.

            It should be called the Hypesman Trophy (apologies if others have used that epithet and not given credit, but I don’t remember seeing it and am sure though that I’m not the first).

            • Cojones

              Sure enough, Billy Mumphrey (at 11:30) uses it without the “s” (Hypeman) below.

            • Macallanlover

              I like the Hypesman label. I began to care little about the Heisman when the Oregon campaign for QB Joey bought NYC billboards and transits signs. Haven’t respected it since and support not trying to buy the award with a phony campaign, I see enough of those in the election years. It doesn’t impact the school, or program’s level of respect. How did Alabama’s rep fare all those decades without one? Football is the still the ultimate team game in major sports.

              The position awards are what I pay more attention to these days although the number won by Manteo makes them suspect as well. How could so many individual committees arrive at the same erroneous conclusion about his linebacking skills unless they were drinking the media Kool Aide? The first few Alabama drives showed him getting trucked numerous times.

            • HaveuseenmyStapler

              +1 Can’t argue w/ any of that.

  10. Go Dawgs!

    If Murray’s still a legit Heisman candidate in the second half of the season, I’m sure the school will do something. Texas A&M didn’t have a preseason Heisman campaign for JFF, either.

  11. Championships are what matter. Individual accomplishments are second. Murray knows that.

  12. Aselle34

    Loose change and cups to recycle for the next upcoming home game:)

  13. PTC DAWG

    Someone sure sounds jealous of McGarity.🙂

  14. DawgPhan

    I wait till this team is 4-0 and AM and TG are crushing people…if that happens and B-M is still crickets, then let the barbs fly.

  15. cube

    A penny spent is a penny that will never make it into the Reserve Fund.

  16. JAX

    So I guess this isn’t going to happen at UGA?


    Is Bama touting anyone for the Heisman?

  17. Can’t the fans start a Murray for Heisman Facebook page? Hypothetically, if I created it would y’all like it (like on fb, I mean)?

  18. Bright Idea

    Murray can pass for 500 yds. and throw 6 TDs but if we lose to Clemson 45-42 ESPN will say “there goes Murray’s Heisman chances.” A campaign is a waste of money even if you are rich.

  19. Hipster

    Like the guy said, you have to perform well in the big games. Murray is
    1-5 vs top 5 teams, he doesn’t play well on the big stage so it would be a waste of $$$$.

    • Billy Mumphrey

      Damn, Murray has to play those top five teams all by his lonesome?

      • Hipster

        Yes, and Murray can’t lay eggs in big games on tv like he did vs SC and Fla, 58 passer effic vs. SC and 91 passer rating vs Fla won’t win the Heisman.

        But look at Gurley, he plowed through on TV vs Florida, Bama and Nebraska, only played poorly against SC in the 4 big games. I’d ride him all the way to the BCS Championship, he doesn’t falter often on the big stage.

        • Billy Mumphrey

          As noted below: To hell with the Hypeman Trophy. In regards to Carolina, if you want to lay that loss at Murray’s feet alone we will have to agree to disagree. In regards to FU, Dawgs won so I am fine if Murray had an off game. I could not care less about the Hypeman Trophy and Georgia’s recruiting is pretty stellar already.

          • Hipster

            Just sayin, if we gonna promote anyone for Heisman, better be a running back if we wanna win the SEC and Gurley has a better track record in big tv games than Murray.

    • Hackerdog

      I agree. The Heisman stopped being about the best player in the country long ago. It’s now about being the prettiest skill player on one of the best teams. Wins and gaudy stats are all that count.

      • Hipster

        No, it’s not WINS that count, it’s TIMING.

        You have to perform well in big tv games.

      • Hipster

        I do think Gurley should win it, even if we lose 2 games, if he puts up monster numbers in the SEC. RG3 did it with some losses.

        You can be smart enough to pick the team in the biggest conference that just wins the most, like Ingram did. This is what Gurley did, and we’ll win it all either in 2014 or 2015 if he stays on for 2 more seasons and we ride his back. Gurley can use the Ingram formula.

        Manziel used the Tebow formula, put up gaudy stats in the best conference.

        • Hackerdog

          So, if we lose games, we shouldn’t hold it against Gurley, we should hold it against Murray?

          • Hipster

            what I said was Gurley played well in 3 of 4 of the big tv games (SC, FLA, Alabama, Nebraska). Gurley choked against SC.

            murray played well in none. had good moments vs Ala and Nebraska. murray has yet to play a great game for 4 quarters against a team that finishes top 10, heck even a team that finishes top 20. Like Nebraska, murray goes for 3 turnovers? Needed 6 turnovers by the defense vs FLA to get murray’s first big win against a really good team in 3 years.

            they should be judged by their individual performances in the biggest stage.

            • Hackerdog

              You’re a running back fetishist. I get that. But insisting that Murray is some bum whose best use is to hand the ball to Gurley is just myopic. The guy had the second highest QB rating the in the country last year.

              Murray did wet the bed against SC last year. So did the rest of the team. He didn’t play well against UF, but we won the game. Only 2 QBs had higher passer ratings against Alabama, and one of those won the Heisman. As for Nebraska not being a good game for Murray, you must be high. He had a 201 passer rating against the best pass defense in the country.

  20. Hipster

    I do see Gurley winning the Heisman, man, he had a whale of a game vs Bama.

  21. Billy Mumphrey

    To hell with the Hypeman Trophy. Much better things to spend money on. Or save it. Who really cares? Just win damn it!

    • Hipster

      Disagree, could be huge for recruiting should Gurely win the Heisman, look at what Manziel did for T A & M’s recruiting. UGA could become THE PLACE for great rb’s to develop.

      • UGA could become THE PLACE for great rb’s to develop.

        Just curious. How long have you been following Georgia football?

        • Hipster

          Longer than you’ve been alive.

          Name all the running back Heisman trophy winners from UGA since Herschel Walker.

          • Winning the Heisman Trophy is your standard for developing great running backs? Ho-kay.

            BTW, I was born in 1956. What was it like seeing Fran Tarkenton play in Athens?

            • Hipster

              Pretty neat. But Tarkenton always ran too much backwards, too self centered to win it all.

          • JAX

            Hip, given your age, you know we had some very good backs prior to HW. But as a nod to your point, the amount of RB talent following HW was crazy. Think 1985 with Henderson, Worley, and Hampton in the same backfield.

            Yes, have Gurley win the heisman and watch backs flood to Athens. Just look at Bama for goodness sakes.

            That said, imagine if UGA produced a heisman QUARTERBACK.

            Think what THAT would do to Bobo’s stock. And Richt’s for that matter. AND the program’s, for that matter.

            • Hipster

              you don’t win the SEC passing the ball. the last 5 SEC champs have ran for 200+ yards per game, so promote Gurley through kingpins like Pollack and Barnhart and Tucker.

              Emerson is pretty much viewed as a mindless UGA embed. Not respected or quoted often nationally, not a real journalist.

              • Cojones

                Think you are dead wrong about Seth. He has imaginative comparisons of players and their worth to the team that ends up being correct. He gets you to view other attributes of players that aren’t media-worn. He is respected and quoted on gtp and is a cut above other journalists.

                Hipster, I’ve followed your postings here today and liked the thrust, but you are wrong about Emerson. His only crime was following Hale who now preaches for FSU.By the way, he was recommended by Hale.

              • Hackerdog

                The last SEC champ also had the highest rated QB in the country. And the QB he faced in the conference championship game had the second highest rating in the country. I wonder if there’s something to that?

  22. There’s loose change in the stadium stands?

  23. Hipster

    I do believe Todd Gurely was the only person to rush for 100+ yards against Alabama last year.

    That’s a man.

    • JAX

      Manziel rushed for over a 100

      • Hipster

        Actually, Manziel rushed for 92 yards vs Alabama, out of passing formations.

        Gurely was the only player to go for 100+ yards rushing vs Alabama in 2013. And did it from running formations.

        • JAX

          correct, different sets. I think Gurley could have gone over 150.

          • Hipster

            easily could have gone for 150 vs Alabama.

            Gurley was wide open on the last Alabama drive with little curl routes, would have love to seen the ball in his hands at least 2 times, nothing against Lynch, but Gurley has a nose for the goaline, Lynch doesn’t.

  24. JAX

    McGarity is full of chit. Elite programs produce heisman winners. Florida produced two during his tenure as associate AD and yes, it does absolute wonders for the program and recruiting.

    I’m not advocating that UGA does something stupid like the “Quincy for Heisman” thing, but to promote Murray based on his statistics, academics, and good works is promoting what CFB should be about.

    If Murray lights up Clemson and Usc, then ESPN will do a good job of promoting him. My comments are about McGarity’s propensity to function as more of an auditor than an business executive.

  25. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    On the ESPN Insider Page (The Pound), Ching says that UGA hasn’t ran a Heisman campaign in 15-20 years … possibly for Champ Bailey, Eric Zeier or Garrison Hearst … True?