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Trail talk

Lowndes OL Dyshon Sims committed to Georgia at Dawg Night yesterday.  Evidently ‘Bama finished a close second.  Sims pointed to one factor that tipped the scales in Mark Richt’s favor:

“I also like how you get a four-year scholarship at Georgia. That’s one of the main reasons I picked it. From my understanding, you get three years at Alabama, and you only get a scholarship for each year. If you don’t show enough progression, then your scholarship is pretty much gone at Alabama.”

Hmmm… wonder who told him that?  And how often do you suppose that’s getting repeated to recruits these days?

In any event, Sims cancelled his visit to Alabama planned for today, so I guess Saban will have to explain the facts of life to him by cell phone.


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How special is special teams play going to be in 2013?

Most of the offseason angst surrounding Georgia has been over the early season schedule and the defense, but it’s worth wondering if there’s another front where we should be concerned.

Ed Aschoff ranks Georgia’s special teams dead last among all such SEC units, and while that may be unduly pessimistic (Steele rates them closer to middle of the pack status), I don’t know anyone at this point who’s looking at them as a team strength.

Last year was a pretty sad story, at least as it’s told at cfbstats.com.  Georgia’s special teams excelled at one thing, finishing first in the conference in blocked kicks/punts, did decently in another (sixth in kickoffs) and were sub-par to awful (dead last in punt coverage) in every other facet of the game.  There’s a reason Richt elected to attempt the fewest number of field goals in the SEC last season.

Toss in Marshall Morgan’s early season suspension woes and it’s not a pretty picture we’re looking at in 2013.  Is there room for optimism, or is this just more slack the offense will be expected to pick up?


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Making a bad thing worse.

As if we need it, here’s proof once again that there’s nothing orange can’t make uglier.  This looks like it came straight out of the Lulu and Junior Collection.

Good Lord, ‘Cocks, show some taste.  (h/t Garnet & Black Attack)


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