Making a bad thing worse.

As if we need it, here’s proof once again that there’s nothing orange can’t make uglier.  This looks like it came straight out of the Lulu and Junior Collection.

Good Lord, ‘Cocks, show some taste.  (h/t Garnet & Black Attack)


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14 responses to “Making a bad thing worse.

  1. I wanna Red Cup

    My gawd. I kept looking at that thing thinking it looked like a South Carolina C but had to see the link to be sure. UUUUUGLY

  2. gastr1

    I think Clemson grads designed that on the sly.

  3. Cojones

    Thinking of getting one to scare the ‘Nesian’s chickens. She was seen on the street walking the Black and Tan with 7 hens trailing along behind them. If you can’t imagine that scene you will miss an easy belly laugh.

  4. fetch

    Nothing has worse taste than a bunch of ‘Cocks! Wait, that didn’t sound right.

  5. Dawg in Beaumont


    You know the type (UGA is unfortunately a big participant in this), Fulton county license plates on their car but they are ever so eager to let you know just how “backwoods” they are and want to put camo on everything to prove it.

    • cube


      The automobile hunting decals and stickers got old a long time ago. Thankfully now we have the Salt Life ones to freshen things up.

      • KornDawg

        Damn Cube, you beat me to it! As I was reading your first sentence, I thought “Yeah, now there’s the Salt Life stickers.”

        • cube

          Great minds.

          “Hey everybody, look at me! I enjoy going to the beach once in a while! See my Salt Life sticker?!”


          “Hey everybody, look at me! Please get the impression that I’m into hunting by the sticker that I have on my truck. Did I mention that I drive a truck? I hope you think I’m cool.”

  6. 81Dog

    Proof once again that the Cocks have taste; it’s just all bad. This goes along nicely with their unrivaled class, which is all low.

  7. uglydawg

    Well the Vols have their coonskin hats and it looks like the Cocks have their foreskin hats.
    BTW, I guess it’s a first amendment thing, but “Salt Life” says “I’m a Jimmy Buffett groupie”…an p-l-e-a-s-e….the European style “SSI” stickers say “Don’t you wish you were me?”. Having run everybody else down…I admit to having a GON sticker on my truck.

  8. NRBQ

    I swear that I saw two people up close and personal today in Atlanta wearing bright orange teeshirts with “Gamecocks” emblazoned across the chest. Since I had no idea this a thing, I slapped myself to make sure I was awake.

  9. Go Dawgs!

    What Gamecock is going to wear their logo in Clemson colors?! That would be like putting together a Georgia hat with an orange and blue logo… or gold and white. Fail.