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Steve Spurrier has lost control of SEC scheduling.

Kudos to Jon Solomon for this lovely juxtaposition:

In the 21-year history of the SEC’s eight-game format, Alabama possesses the third-easiest conference schedule and Auburn has the second hardest, according to an AL.com analysis of opponents’ SEC records. The easiest schedule belongs to Florida, which has the most SEC titles since the conference championship game started, and the hardest belongs to Vanderbilt.

“Nobody ever said it’s supposed to be fair,” said South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier, a frequent critic of SEC scheduling.

Hell, he’s just nostalgic.



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Hubba hubba – more offseason Dawg Porn!

Is there any doubt that if they published this year’s version of Dawg Porn as an edition of Playgirl, Tray Matthews would be the centerfold?

BTW, Sean Jones is welcome at my Cocktail Party tailgate any time he wants.


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”When in doubt, throw him out.“

The Big Ten’s catch phrase for how its officials are expected to handle the new targeting rule is almost as catchy as “If it doesn’t fit, you must acquit.”

Whatever happened to the once popular “do your effing job”?


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