Do it again.

No doubt Gus Malzahn has a lot on his plate trying to rescue Auburn from the train wreck of 2012, but judging from this, there’s at least one piece of the puzzle that won’t overwhelm him.

Gus Malzahn needs to find a new starting quarterback, and if you think that sounds familiar, well, you would be right.

He’s doing it for the eighth straight season.

Auburn’s new head coach has had a different starting quarterback every year he’s been in the college game, and he’ll have another one when the Tigers open the season against Washington State on Aug. 31.

That’s pretty remarkable.  I give him the most credit for making a functional SEC quarterback out of a lame-armed Chris Todd.

That being said, just because he’s accustomed to the situation doesn’t guarantee success.  “Barrett is a great competitor, too,” is the coaching equivalent of “she’s got a nice personality”.  I’m sure Auburn fans are hoping that the mediocrity of Auburn’s 2011 offense was somehow more Chizik’s fault than Malzahn’s.  We shall see.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    I heard a lot of speculation from my Auburn friends after Malzahn left that Chizik had injected himself into the offensive meeting room a lot more in 2011 and was butting heads with Coach Malzahn. My Auburn friends told me that they thought it was because Chizik’s ego was bruised by the idea that the national title was just Cam Newton and Malzahn’s handywork. I doubt that’s entirely true, but given what Malzahn has done in his career I’m willing to give him a pass on the 2011 offense. You’re right on with pointing out the work he did with Chris Todd. I remember sitting in Jordan-Hare Stadium in 2008 and thinking, holy crap, they’re going to beat us with Chris Freaking Todd. That game was a lot closer than I ever thought it would be and a damn far sight closer than it ever should have been. I’m concerned about Auburn going forward with Gus Malzahn as their head coach. Maybe not so much in 2013, but in the years to follow they’re going to be a tough out.


    • 66DAWGnNC

      Auburn has always been a tough out for UGA, excepting the last few years. They will be relevant again, unfortunately, sooner than later I fear.


  2. AusDawg85

    Well, they deserve what they get. $150k was so cheap for Scam Newton that they’ve now priced themselves out of the market.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Karma. That’s Auburn’s problem. I hope it’s permanent.


    • WarD Eagle

      You believe in karma but don’t know if its permanent or not?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Karma, as I understand it, is payback commensurate with the offense. Auburn bought a BCSNC trophy. Is that sufficient to be consigned to 4-8/5-7 type seasons forever going forward? I think it is. Others may not. If the gods of retribution think a few years at or near the bottom is enough punishment the WarTigers may get off the hook, but hopefully not anytime soon.


        • WarD Eagle

          If you believe so heavily in this type of karma, why hasn’t the Holy and Righteous Richt’s won an MNC?

          No way cheatenous Auburn wins an MNC according to your karma. UGA should have won just to right the wrong that precious Aaron Murray was hit during a football game.

          Karma, by the way, at least according to most mainstream Hindis, is simply God giving you what you deserve. Note, what you deserve is not necessarily retribution or evil for evil or good for good. It’s what God says you deserve.

          So, obviously, God smiled on AU while he thinks UGA should continue to always get close but no cigar.


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    Kinks reference, Senator?


  5. Bryant Denny


    I especially like the call to bench Trotter, his only serviceable QB, for a long stretch in 2011, to save the kid a beating from the likes of LSU, Georgia and Alabama. By doing so, Trotter was able to come off of the bench – with zero practice time – and save the Tigers’ bacon in the bowl game.

    By giving such kid-gloves treatment to Trotter, he hacked him off and caused him to leave the program with a year of eligibility left, and therefore basically led AU to be QB-less for the 2012 season.

    Pretty nice work.


  6. Cojones

    Look BD, we don’t need any factual crap on here. He saved the guy’s life and you rag him for it. 🙂

    Wonder who he will pull this year given that he has no faith in his O line?