Gutenberg, Einstein and Slive

NCAA, you’ve been warned.  Per Mr. Conventional Wisdom, Mike Slive is mad as hell and isn’t going to take it much longer.

And then he said this: “In recent conversations with my commissioner colleagues, there appears to be a willingness to support a meaningful solution to this important change.”

Translation: All of the schools playing big boy football are on this train and it is getting ready to leave the station. We would like for the NCAA to be on board. But if we have to, we will leave without you.

Don’t snicker.  Barnhart is a pretty reliable pipeline from the SEC office.  I’d say the odds of a new powerhouse division within the NCAA grow stronger almost daily.


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6 responses to “Gutenberg, Einstein and Slive

  1. Barnhart and that SEC office in B’ham have some pretty good guys, even if they are Alabama Boys Grantland you still there boy?


  2. Macallanlover

    This is overdue: hard to see why a seperation has not occurred before now. The needs for the Big Boys are just so different from the rest, and the NCAA’s incompetency is the worst kept secret in athletics. I think this can turn out well but have to admit to some concern with the presidents involved. It is like knowing you need a bypass operation to have a better quality life and then hearing Kevorkian is going to be the doc.


  3. Legally speaking, if they splinter off prior to say a huge loss in the O’Bannon case, are they still liable for any damages award the class?


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Please let this happen!!!