Somebody else can take the next lawsuit.

NCAA announces it will not enter into a new contract for the license of its name and logo for the EA Sports NCAA Football video game when the current one expires next year.


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16 responses to “Somebody else can take the next lawsuit.

  1. MGW

    Well its about time we stopped having the greatest video game ever made!


  2. 69Dawg

    We don’t think we did anything wrong but we are going to stop it. Yea right. The NCAA is screwed and this is known as cutting your losses. EA Sports will do a work around and be fine. Just like with illegal drugs if there is a demand there will be a supply.


  3. 202dawg

    Saw this and immediately though of you, Sen. Who knew the first real casualty of the O’Bannon suit would be the someone OTHER than Mark Emmert…


  4. pantslesspatdye

    “But given the current business climate and costs of litigation, we determined participating in this game is not in the best interests of the NCAA.”
    Could this be any more farcical? I guess making millions of dollars through no effort of your own via fixed contracts is less profitable in a down economy? Are they then arguing that the litigous nature of this country is really dragging down a venture that would otherwise have 100% margins?

    It takes a bunker mentality to give up on this contract. Having a marketing intern write the press release only makes matter worse.


  5. Mg4life0331

    Does this mean that EA sports will lose it and 2k sports will gain it? Ive been an EA sports junkie for decades. I used to play NBA live when it was the only one worth anything as far as basketball. When 2k made it (or got licensing to do so) it was much better. I think Madden would improve with competition. Cause right now 2k doesn’t make a legit football game. But I bet they would if they could. College game falling under the same category imo.


  6. Trbodawg

    I’m thinking that the NCAA is bowing out because it knows the new “Super Power” group of the top 64 teams will be the ones doing the licensing…


  7. Lrgk9

    NCAA Don’t got time for this $&!%

    42 million views can’t be wrong…