Stephen Garcia’s concern

This. Is. Awesome.

Easy answer:  If he’s consistent, Hyman will give Manziel at least four or five more chances before booting him for good.



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12 responses to “Stephen Garcia’s concern

  1. JG Shellnutt

    Even better that this came from Stephen Garcia, of all people.


  2. BCDawg97

    YOu left off the “boom!” (drops mic…walks off)


  3. ScoutDawg

    Stephen Garcia waving his pimp hand recklessly.


  4. Terry Dean

    Eric Hyman would not have done anything to Garcia if Steve Spurrier were not behind it. The guy Garcia should hate is Spurrier, that 2 faced lying SOB who uses up players then throws them away like Kleenex when he finds someone better.


    • Heathbar09

      So he should blame Spurrier because Spurrier didn’t cover his ass for a 6th time? I agree with the 2nd half of your last sentence, but how can you fault SOS for losing patience Garcia? Garcia knew he was Spur’s only option at QB, and he took advantage of that by acting like a dumbass knowing he wouldn’t get punished. His luck eventually ran out when someone better came along.

      Sure SOS is an ass, but Garcia continuously screwed up and (eventually) paid the price.


  5. South FL Dawg

    A difference of degrees but not of kind. Lol.


  6. AmericusDawg

    Is Stephen Garcia still relevant in today’s SEC? Geez … really?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Garcia was the QB for South Carolina when they won the SEC East, the only Championship of any kind won by the Cocks since becoming a member of the SEC. Not that I like Garcia (I don’t) but I saw what Spurrier was going to do to the guy a year in advance and said so on this blog. Garcia was a 5th year and had already graduated before the 2011 season came around. He should have left USCe and transferred to another school where he could have played immediately under NCAA rules like Russell Wilson did. Believe me there are plenty of coaches that would have loved to have him.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    Suspend him for a special teams practice, maybe?


  8. 81Dog

    I just wonder if Garcia (or the Senator) had $20 in his pocket when he made that observation?