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The need for speed

Mark Richt goes Solomonic, tries to split the Bielema-Malzahn no-huddle baby:

“I understand the need for speed, so to speak,” Richt said. “I think everybody needs to be in place, in a good football position, ready to go, within reason. If teams are not substituting fast enough because they’re not organized, that’s their fault. But if you’re highly organized, you’re running your guys on the field and they’re not even set when the ball is snapped, I think that’s the thing that might need to slow down just a tad.”

I get the line he’s trying to draw and it makes sense.  The only problem is, how does he expect an officiating crew to tell the difference?  Or is he just saying there should be some minimum amount of time put in place by the conference for defenses, organized or not, to live with?


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Arthur Lynch’s aesthetic sensibilities are darn near perfect.


I might have tossed in something about the color of those vacated Gator seats, but admittedly that’s quibbling.


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No hard feelings, Mett.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised by this.

His career in Athens was disappointing, to say the least, and his departure wasn’t under the best of circumstances, but I’ve never sensed a level of vitriol from the fan base towards him such as he’s suggesting.  Have I missed something?


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What is 174.82?

It was Aaron Murray’s passer rating last season.

It’s also the over/under for the number of times I expect he’ll be asked about Jadeveon Clowney’s comments at SEC Media Days today, by people who would crap their pants if Clowney were chasing them down.

Should be fun.


UPDATE:  Good answer.

Yes, Aaron Murray answered South Carolina star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney saying he was “scared” playing against him

“My response? Here we go,” Murray said. “Let’s just get it knocked away. I think the word fear was misused for respect. Definitely a lot of respect for him. He’s definitely not if the best player in the country, an unbelievable player, a very talented player, a guy that you really do have to game plan for and set a plan for him. Definitely not scared, but definitely respect him greatly with what he’s able to do on the field.”

Murray, who took a beating and kept on ticking (eventually) after going up against Auburn’s Nick Fairley in 2010, said he “enjoys getting hits. I’m not scared of getting hit by anyone by all means. I’m not worried about who says what or this and that.”

Murray said Clowney’s comments “were all over Twitter,” so he learned of them quickly.

“It pretty much blew up and people tweeted at me, `Did you hear what Clowney said? Did you hear what Clowney said? Did you hear what Clowney said? Whatever. …If I’m worried about what’s going on in front of me I’m not doing my job.


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Today’s take it with a grain of salt recruiting news

He’s never played for Georgia, so I have no clue what this cryptic observation from ELCA defensive end Andrew Williams is getting at, but I thought I’d pass it along.

“Every since Coach (Chris) Wilson was hired, I feel like my relationship with Georgia has grown a lot,” he said. “They kind of me made a target, which made me feel good because it’s an in-state school. Georgia has made a leap with me over the past few months.”

Why the leap? “I don’t know. Coach Wilson, the way he coaches, he believes in a different scheme than Coach Garner…” [Emphasis added.]

He’s clearly feeling the love from the new guy.  But does anybody have an idea about what he means with regard to a different scheme?  And how would he know, anyway?


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The ESPNalypse

Analyst warns that unbundling cable would lead to a $30 per month subscription fee for the WWL… and that the network would still lose advertising revenue because not enough people would subscribe.

I wonder if that would mean PAWWWLLL! would have to take a pay cut.


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Georgia Tech, fighting for the entertainment dollar

For just a little more than half the price of a four-day pass to Dragon*Con, you can buy a six-game ticket package for Georgia Tech’s 2013  home schedule, minus Georgia.

True, you’ll be on your own for the Cokes and hot dogs, but that’s not a bad deal.  I bet it’s still a close call for people who occupy the overlapping Venn diagram space of those interested in both, though.


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