Arthur Lynch’s aesthetic sensibilities are darn near perfect.


I might have tossed in something about the color of those vacated Gator seats, but admittedly that’s quibbling.


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5 responses to “Arthur Lynch’s aesthetic sensibilities are darn near perfect.

  1. Dawg Vegas

    I heart this so much it almost hurts.

    Mr. Lynch is officially a DGD!


  2. Cojones

    When Lynch and the other TE finish Romeing all over the field, everyone will understand the impact they will have, especially on any close games. Since this is Artie’s last year, look for big stuff to happen.


  3. Mudcats Impala...

    Quayvon Hicks

    Georgia’s respect must be taken back #Bama#USC


  4. sniffer

    Would someone please ask Pat Dye what his thoughts are about GA this year? And then share those thoughts with us, maybe on the radio, or something.


  5. Ed Kilgore

    Lynch’s response (as quoted by Seth Emerson) to Clowney’s comments about Murray being “scared” of him were very well-crafted, too, and a bit more diplomatic. Methinks the boy’s got a future in sports journalism when his playing days end, if that’s what he wants.