Georgia Tech, fighting for the entertainment dollar

For just a little more than half the price of a four-day pass to Dragon*Con, you can buy a six-game ticket package for Georgia Tech’s 2013  home schedule, minus Georgia.

True, you’ll be on your own for the Cokes and hot dogs, but that’s not a bad deal.  I bet it’s still a close call for people who occupy the overlapping Venn diagram space of those interested in both, though.


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30 responses to “Georgia Tech, fighting for the entertainment dollar

  1. Cojones

    Geez! Less than $15/game? They will have to lower the price for the UGA game to generate interest.

    Used and loved Venn diagrams because they communicated interrelationships of highly technical programs well. Bet the overlap for the hot dogs was large. My poor nephew (who attended all things Tech) is more aware of what we do than Tech since he has a brother-in-law who was a Dawg and attended all games UGA for 4 years. My nephew just sits in his study and mumbles whenever Tech football is mentioned nowadays. You could probably find his heart in the big overlap.

  2. Governor Milledge

    So they are selling 6 out of 7 home games as a “package,” leaving UGA out. Don’t you think they could increase their overall average per seat if they sold all 7 tickets together? I’m not sure what their box office charges for an individual UGA ticket, but presumably it’s 6x what they are charging for the other regular season ones

    VA Tech and Pitt should be mildly entertaining home games for them though:
    Elon: Saturday, August 31
    University of North Carolina: Saturday, September 21
    Virginia Tech: Thursday, September 26
    Syracuse: Saturday, October 19
    Pittsburgh: Saturday, November 2
    Alabama A&M: Saturday, November 23

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You can upgrade to a package that includes the UGA-Tech game for a total of $105. It’s worth it to buy that package, keep the Georgia game tickets and then scalp/throw away the rest.

      • Cojones

        That makes our Tech game ticket worth about $20. That pretty much sells better than our prices. Wonder how much they are when sold separately? For twice that price you can buy a seat for a bunch of relatives and ask them to send $30 each to UGA in your name. Win-win. Ah, screw it! They’d all rather go to the Aquarium.

      • Cojones

        Mayor, I think we have an oxymoron for our Lexicon:- Scalping GT tickets.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          My mistake. The correct definition of “scalping GT tickets” is: “You pay somebody else to take them off your hands.”

  3. You want tickets to the GA -GT game. I can help you.

  4. www

    your georgia tech obsession continues unabated, i see.

    wait, i’m supposed to misspell “your” on this blog, right?

    • Comin' Down The Track

      Welp, your our fiercest rival, right? Why shouldn’t we be obsessed with you’re obviously superior intellects and yer intrepid footballers?

  5. www

    THERE IT IS -and I didn’t even consider “youv”.

    strong work fellas. yule fit right in here.

    (did I do it right?)

  6. W Cobb Dawg

    They got rid of the free hot dog and coke, and replaced it with free rajma and curry. Come for the football, stay for the food.

  7. Dog in Fla

    “those interested in both,” think Dragon*Con 2013 August 30 – September 2 (sponsored in part by FUNYUNS® Onion Flavored Rings) promises to be even more a cluster than Dragon*Con 2012

  8. 79dawg

    I bought a 3-pack in 2007, couldn’t give away the Virginia Tech “Thursday Night Lights” tickets, and didn’t even try with the (I think) Army tickets. Best part about it is they STILL call me every year to ask me to buy season tickets!