No hard feelings, Mett.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised by this.

His career in Athens was disappointing, to say the least, and his departure wasn’t under the best of circumstances, but I’ve never sensed a level of vitriol from the fan base towards him such as he’s suggesting.  Have I missed something?


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  1. Spike

    No, Senator, you have not missed anything. I think Mett is just flattering himself. He is old news for us Dawg fans. Murray has worked out pretty well since his departure, and has a lot more character, in my opinion.

    • Puffdawg

      You say that like Murray was a replacement for Mett. Recall Murray was the starter before, during, and after Mett’s sideshow. Although you completely nailed it that Mett is flattering himself.

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        Contest is key…I’d hate to make this into a whole ‘thing’ without understanding Zach’s tone or the actual question that was asked. It’s highly likely that his response was a more general take on the fact that he will be on the visiting team in a hostile environment rather than some gross exaggeration on how UGA fans might treat him personally.

        Having said that, Cam Cameron can coach. To me, LSU is the team in the SEC that people are sleeping on because they lost to Clemson last year. This is a team that beat South Carolina and A&M while losing to Florida and Bama by a combined 12 points. They held Bama to their lowest point total of the year. (Florida to their second lowest point total…) They lost some talent, but they typically reload.

        • Irwin R Fletcher


        • Biggus Rickus

          I think people are sleeping on them because they lost an unusually large number of juniors the last two years. It’s hard to keep plugging in guys to replace that kind of talent. I don’t expect them to be as good as a year ago or in the same area code as the 2011 team.

  2. I foresee the reaction to be more of a shrug than brick-tossin’.

  3. D.N. Nation

    He’s talking about the women of Athens.

  4. Yeah…he’s FOS, although, if he’s really worried about it, maybe he could tell his fans to not throw their drinks off the 600 level and we won’t throw bricks at him. Deal?

  5. paul

    Mettenberger strikes me as yet another in a littany of college football players here and elsewhere who, right at the moment they are on the cusp of achieving their dreams tosses it all aside in a fit of personal stupidity. Then tries to lie about it. He’s very, very lucky to have gotten the chance he has now. Let’s hope he’s learned his lesson. I will neither boo nor throw stuff. Of course, I wouldn’t throw stuff even if I did hate the guy. Who throws stuff?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Really? Had Mett not done what he did and gotten kicked off the team what would be different? He’d already been beaten out. If he stayed he would have been a back-up, maybe even behind Mason. He likely would have transferred, sat out a year and be playing somewhere other than Georgia. It’s a lucky break for him that he got kicked off the Dawgs, got on with LSU and became the starter. The downside is, of course, that he’s banished from Valdosta, the Paris of the South.

  6. South FL Dawg

    Shrugs here

  7. Ben

    I mean, if there are “fans” out there who would egg Murray’s house . . .

  8. John Denver is full of shit...

    I was wondering what he meant by that as well…

    But since his mom works for the school, he is probably talking about close friends of the family that wish he was still a dawg…IMO

  9. DGD

    I have given no thought what so ever about Mettenberger coming back to Athens. Sounds like he could have learned a lot about being a good person at the arm of Murray for 4 years.

  10. DGD

    Interestingly, I think this is the actual quote: “”They’re going to boo the crap out of me. … Like anywhere else on the road.” Very different than the way the one above reads.

  11. www

    have you missed anything?

    ummm, nah – only the way the average uga fan has acted at games over the past 20 years.

    but i’m SURE you know more about it than zach mettenberger, who played for uga, right?

    after all, if uga fans egg murray’s house, i’m sure they will behave civilly toward mett.

    • KornDawg

      Obvious troll is obvious.

    • How many games have you attended in Sanford Stadium?

      • www

        just the one. it was enough. your point being?

        i guess number of games attended has something to do with uga fans egging murray’s house, right?

        better question – how many uga fans has zach m met in his life? enough to have a realistic idea of their typical behavior?

        i’ll hang up and listen.

        • Throwing a brick at a football player at a game is typical behavior for Georgia fans? Jesus, which game did you attend?

        • Was it the ’98 game where Tech fans trampled the handicap fans on the wheelchair ramp so they could tear up the hedges?

          Btw, your “better question” makes zero got damn sense. Try again…

          • www

            you’re right yaboo – asking how many uga fans zach m has met in his life MAKES NO SENSE when discussing zach m’s comments about the uga fanbase.

            the two are totally unrelated. thanks for pointing that out.

            • Joe Schmoe

              Senator – Can you please block this jackass? The tone of this blog is typically very civil unlike the comment threads of say the AJC – that is what attracts many of us. I don’t see how this troll is adding to the quality of the dialogue one iota.

              • Wouldn’t it just be easier to ignore him?

                At some point, he’ll tire and fade away. They always do.

                • Joe Schmoe

                  Point taken. Let’s all agree not to respond to anymore of his / her comments.

                  • Puffdawg

                    Don’t feed the trolls, Schmoe!!!

                    • www

                      i guess some people would think it’s trolling to ask who knows more about how the uga fans treat opposing players than a former uga player.

                      and of course, some people wouldn’t even understand how that’s a relevant question.

                      and then of course, there are people like joeblow who refer to someone who hasn’t cussed as a jackass and accuse them of being uncivil.

                      sounds about right for a uga fan blog. #logicfail

                • AusDawg85

                  Well…usually. Some of us get tired of each other but we keep coming back. 😉

              • www

                i’m guessing ol’ joeblow doesn’t even understand how these two sentences don’t go together:

                “Can you please block this jackass?”

                “The tone of this blog is typically very civil…”

                anyone else care to explain it to him or is this just a classic groupthink situation where you all pretend fellow commenters make sense as long as they are good dwags?

        • Mean Machine

          Can we get you a hooker or something so you can go back to breaking up your mom’s bridge club?

  12. JAX

    I actually think GA fans are pleased to see things work out for local boy Zack. He made a mistake, we all do, got a second chance and has made the most of it.

    Good for him. I just hope we beat them.

  13. Bright Idea

    I can see the students booing him while the rest of us sleep through any announcement of his name.

  14. Hobnail_Boot

    I’ve been pretty shocked at how little fanfare “Murray vs. Metttenberger in Athens” has gotten. It was the first thing o thought of when the ’13 schedule was released.

  15. stoopnagle

    I think his expectations of fan behavior towards opposing players have been warped by his current surroundings. There is no question how LSU fan would react if Mett was kicked off LSU’s team (sic) & returned as a starter for UGA.

  16. Joe Schmoe

    I always hear people make remarks like this about attending UGA games like the atmosphere there is any different than other SEC stadiums. I literally had trash and profanity rained down on me at USCe during our 17-0 victory there a few years back. I think you just accept most of that as part of seeing a game on the road in the SEC.

    • tess

      Not in Lexington. We had an amazingly nice time at the 2010 Kentucky game–everyone was really polite, happy we were there, just entirely welcoming and friendly. And this is on the shuttle to and from the stadium as well as inside the stadium during and after the game.

      Outside of the game, people would ask, “What brings you up here from Athens?” We’d say, “The game.” They’d ask, “What game?” (It was homecoming weekend. Adorable!)

      • Irwin R Fletcher

        The only fanbase that consistently whines about the atmosphere in Athens are Tech fans. Most any other fanbase generally rates it not quite as friendly as Ole Miss/Kentucky, but not as hostile as Carolina or LSU.

  17. godawg

    He is obviously mistaking us for someone who gives a shit about him leaving.

    The only brick he’ll be get hit with will originate from the D-line…

  18. Mudcats Impala...

    Who is this Zack Metzenburger fellow you speak of??

  19. The ATH

    Honestly, I think 85% of our fanbase won’t even remember he was on the roster. If Grope-gate ever made it on the radar of the average fan, I can’t imagine it made some indelible mark on more than a few.

  20. Macallanlover

    “Have I missed something?” Not you Senator, but he has. He missed a chance to spend three+ more years in Athens, and a chance to learn the QB position from AM, Bobo, and Richt. I think he has gotten, and will get, more grief in Red Stick than he will in Sanford. I can personally attest that I haven’t missed anything by his not staying around, but I was ticked about the way he embarrassed his mama where she lives and works and hope our boys bruise those ribs and backside every time he drops back to pass this September..

  21. John From Texas

    He’s always been all hat (height and arm), no cattle (accuracy, pocket poise and leadership).

    • What’s kind of funny is that he said something today about not having mechanical issues like Tebow, but his arms are so long that he’s got a slight hitch in his delivery.

  22. shane#1

    I haven’t heard any hard feelings toward Mett. I wish him well, except for one game.

  23. Ed Kilgore

    I have a relative, a big Dawg fan, who wants to go to the LSU game because he’ll be happy even if we lose, since he’s thinks Mett got run off for just being a guy. I hope it’s not a common attitude, but I do recall such talk when Richt gave him the boot.

    Personally, I’ve always been proud Georgia has a program where harassing and beating up on women isn’t considered “just being a guy.”