Today’s take it with a grain of salt recruiting news

He’s never played for Georgia, so I have no clue what this cryptic observation from ELCA defensive end Andrew Williams is getting at, but I thought I’d pass it along.

“Every since Coach (Chris) Wilson was hired, I feel like my relationship with Georgia has grown a lot,” he said. “They kind of me made a target, which made me feel good because it’s an in-state school. Georgia has made a leap with me over the past few months.”

Why the leap? “I don’t know. Coach Wilson, the way he coaches, he believes in a different scheme than Coach Garner…” [Emphasis added.]

He’s clearly feeling the love from the new guy.  But does anybody have an idea about what he means with regard to a different scheme?  And how would he know, anyway?


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20 responses to “Today’s take it with a grain of salt recruiting news

  1. Billy Mumphrey

    Maybe the kid was already in Garner’s dawg house.


    • Cojones

      He’s a recruit. How would he ever be in Garner’s Dawg house? He would have to be on the team for that to happen.

      Sounds like Wilson has a pitch that includes Garner, good or bad. If he interests a player who has family playing at Tech, more power to him.


  2. Dustin

    Maybe Wilson will actually rotate DL during the game effectively…


  3. Red Eye Dawg

    He’s probably talking about Wilson’s stated plan of using more defensive linemen during the games, rather than Garner’s plan of leaving them in the game until they are too exhausted to be effective.


  4. Dawg in Austin

    Since we weren’t there for the quote, who knows what the context was. Carvell is known for twisting quotes to fit a meme. Maybe it’s just the obvious: Auburn runs a 4-2-5 with Johnson and GA has a 3-4. Maybe Wilson has him convinced his future is as a down lineman in a 3-4.


    • The other Doug

      This could be it. Maybe Garner wasn’t really into the 3-4.


    • Joe Schmoe

      I pretty sure that I’ve read that UGA will be running a lot of 4-2-5 the year with Harvey-Clemons playing the hybrid star position so I doubt this what he was talking about. Wilson may have some different points of view of technic etc that he has played up. My guess is that the only reason thy garner is mentioned is to explain why UGA wasn’t talking to the kid enough previously.


  5. Saint Johns Dawg

    I think it’s just more 17- or 18-year-old hubris … These kids value themselves based upon who’s calling them, just like all recruits.
    This is the money quote to me:
    “They kind of me made a target, which made me feel good because it’s an in-state school.”
    I read that as “I’m a big time player but the in-state school wasn’t calling on me as much as I think I deserve … but coach Wilson started calling and it affirmed my belief that I’m awesome.”


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Wait. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America has a football team?!


  7. Bobby

    I don’t really see how the “scheme” is going to be different, unless GTG is planning on changing gap responsibility up front. W/ a smaller nose, that might be what we’re doing, but I feel like we would have heard something about that by now. Every report has been that Mike Thornton has proven himself quite capable of filling Jenkins’s and Geathers’s shoes.

    Wilson certainly has a different philosophy in personnel mgmt. Greater rotation and more cross-training; he apparently refuses to pigeonhole a player into one position.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    I recall CMR telling the story of how Pollack wanted a position change after dealing with RG for a season. I’m sure y’all remember Pollack was a DT his freshman year and switched to DE for his 3 remaining years. Anyway, RG could be pretty rough on the players he coached. His doghouse wasn’t the only issue with his approach to coaching. And RG’s move doesn’t appear to have hurt recruiting much either.


  9. Keese

    Why is there any debate to this? He simply didn’t like Garner as a position coach……chose his words carefully


  10. stickjacksonuga

    I imagine Wilson has two gears.

    Recruit: “I really liked what Coach G. was telling me, Coach W. I’m worried things will be different with him gone.” Wilson: “Different? Nah, Coach Grantham is still the boss, and he told me to keep it all the same.”

    Recruit: “I don’t know Coach W., but I just never liked what Coach G. was selling.” Wilson: “Well, no need to worry about that. It’s all different now. Coach Grantham told me he wanted to really shake things up.”

    Adding, the rotation issue is the one thing that’s obvious to everyone, even we fans, so that’s an easy one to spin.


  11. Gandalph

    You can get in Garner’s doghouse while still in high school. The year that he left UGA, he had to recruit a guy for Auburn that he didn’t like for whatever reason while at UGA. The name escapes me right now. I guess that means that recruits go to Auburn to never be heard from again. lol