Musical palate cleanser has an appetite today.

All that Aaron Murray talk about being hungry has put me in the mood for some tuneage from the cheesy, yet enjoyable Paul Revere and the Raiders.

It may be best to watch that with your eyes closed.  These guys didn’t exactly have James Brown moves.  But the song is great.


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12 responses to “Musical palate cleanser has an appetite today.

  1. Senator, you looked so fine back then. PR still making the ladies swoon.


  2. NRBQ

    Seems like they were the house band on “Where the Action Is.”


  3. Dawg Vegas

    It’s Just Like Me to get my Kicks from this…

    Thanks Senator!


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It was long ago and memories fade but there was a time when Paul Revere and the Raiders were damn near as big as the Beatles.


    • Bigger , but not bigger than ELVIS!


    • NRBQ

      Except for, you know, the Beatles were so popular they had to quit touring. Lennon and Yoko being pictured in bed on the front page of all the major newspapers. The hit movies. “Is Paul the Walrus?” being asked all over the world. Stuff like that.

      PR&R was a pretty good band. They got a lot of push from Dick Clark.


  5. ZeroPointZero

    That was so bad my eyes and ears hurt.


  6. Nashville West

    Good stuff Senator. When I was a kid I thought that those uniforms were bitchin’. You might also be able to work in “Kicks” and “Ups and Downs” at some point during the season.