Now this is a run.

Let me throw out my nomination for best Todd Gurley run of 2012.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that’s six tackle attempts he ran through on that play.  Dayum.

Your thoughts?


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  1. That was a seal clubbing of a game against a pretty decent Vandy team.

  2. JAX

    Top 3 for sure.

    F*cking hoss.

  3. It wasn’t as jaw-dropping as Herschel’s long run against Vandy as a freshman where he demonstrated power and speed, but it was pretty darn impressive.

    • ScoutDawg

      Damn, dude really. THERE IS NO OTHER HW.

      • Whoa – I love Todd Gurley, but my point was this run is as close as I have seen to a freshman running over people like Herschel did. The kid is a phenom.

        • IveyLeaguer

          I think it’s safe to conclude that Gurley is the closest thing we’ve had to Herschel. He’s a lot like Hampton in some ways as well, almost a cross between the two.

          It’s still a little early yet to be saying that, and Gurley will have to keep it going. He’ll have to keep it going, and prove out his durability, which he will, barring some catstrophe.

          But he is special, that’s for sure. And we have two more years to watch him run.

          • Great post as usual, Ivey. I can’t wait to see Gurley and Marshall. Defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares this season.

            • IveyLeaguer

              Thanks. Yeah, they’re the dynamic duo, and our primary weapon. IMHO, they’re the best chance we have to beat Clemson and South Carolina.

              I hope we grind Clemson down with them, and then use the balance they provide to drive on SC. Then grind on ’em late. If we can do that, they should be able to bust one, maybe more than one.

              • I agree. If the o-line comes out and plays well from the opening whistle as expected, we should be able to make defenses pick their poison. Teams that try to take away the running game will see receivers and tight ends run free through their secondary. Teams that keep safeties back in 2-deep better be really good in the front 7 or Gurley and Marshall will make them play. That’s what has me nervous about USCe because they have the personnel up front to control our running game if we don’t block well.

  4. Beakerdawg

    Are we as fired up to beat Vandy this year as we were last year? Does S. Williams come back and give a little talk to the D prior to the game in Nashville?

  5. cbauga

    best run for sure…

  6. SlobberKnocker

    My favorite is the one against Buffalo for 50 or so. Stiffarmed both a LB and Safety to the ground and out ran 2 guys that had the angle on him. Yeah, I know it was Buffalo but……

    • DugLite

      I hope Gurley & Marshall hold on to the ball all the way through the endzone this year. They like to drop the ball too quick for my taste!

    • secedufan

      I honestly believe KM will be doing the sme thing this year….I really believe we will have two guys doing the same dayum thang.

  7. Really nice play too. Right guard pulls around and gets the key block…Gurley effectively has 10 yards to get up a head of steam before he’s touched. A lot of good things happened out of the pistol last year.

  8. Brandon

    Although I never object to the Dawgs playing their best, I do wonder if us beating the crap out of Vandy led to overconfidence the next week against Sakerlina, particularly on defense early in the game. I realize the offense played its worst game that day as well but I don’t think we were going to score a lot of points that night regardless and once we got down big early Clowney and Co. could just tee off on the pass rush because we needed to pass to get back in the game.

    • D.N. Nation

      We actually played UT next, but your point still stands. “Farting around” is the best description of that bizarre game.

  9. RP

    The best run of the year was the 4-yd bulldozer TD over the Bama LB’s in the SECCG.

    • DugLite

      I felt that in the stands!

    • Slaw Dawg

      I was gonna say the same thing. Tho that was certainly a great run against Vandy, we’d already pummeled them into submission. The Bama run was against a (the?) premier SEC defense and he was a bulldozer. First TD against the Gators was in the same category.

      But I like the smash ’em inna mouf kinda stuff. My favorite Herschel run may be the winning TD v. Auburn in ’82. Nothing flashy–just straight ahead bash ’em down football.

  10. greeneggboy

    That’s some grown man football

  11. tdawg84

    Best stiff arm in the country.

  12. Definitely his best run. Maybe more impressive, though of a different style, was Marshall’s long td against the barn.

    He’d already gotten by all their defenders but one guy was catching him when he kicked it into high gear at about the 20 and pulled away. He’s already run a good bit on that pay and still had enough for another gear. I really enjoyed that.

    Both amazing runs for different reasons.

  13. D.N. Nation

    Only game I saw live all year. That Vandy team turned out to be pretty good after a rough start (our best win after Florida and Nebraska), but the Dawgs absolutely dominated. You could create a season’s Top 10 of plays just from that game alone.

    A few minutes after that run, our group figured the game wasn’t going to get better than that, so we bolted for Clayton Street. (Forgive me, I know- you shouldn’t leave early. But I was a few Jack-and-souvenier-Cokes into the festivities and didn’t have all my faculties.)

  14. WarD Eagle

    My thoughts…

    I hope Murray is caught driving Mudcat’s car out of an alleyway with a trunk full of guns and pot while being escorted by Marshall and Gurley on Scooters sometime in very early Novemeber.

    They’ll still beat Auburn, but it will at least keep the score under triple digits.

  15. Jay

    For sure his best

  16. Hobnail_Boot

    Ridiculous stiff-arm. You can almost hear Todd saying “get off me”!

    The only better recent UGA stiff-arm that comes to mind was Lumpkin @ Auburn in 2006.

  17. NRBQ

    Kinda partial myself to the 100-yd KO return in his debut game.

  18. Doof

    How do you get to 6 tackle attempts? I count 4

  19. Nice block by the pulling guard. Burnette I believe