Mark Richt has lost control of the animal kingdom.

Huntley Johnson’s reaction to Antonio Morrison’s latest arrest:  “he’s charged with what?”

And you know Jimmy Williamson’s first thought upon hearing about this will be “why didn’t I think of that first?”


UPDATE:  +1 for this.




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26 responses to “Mark Richt has lost control of the animal kingdom.

  1. DugLite

    Just proves that UGA truly is in the gators heads; with the football players barking like dogs and all.


  2. UFTimmy

    That may take the cake for weirdest way to get kicked off a football team.


  3. Dog in Fla

    The world was a mess but Antonio’s hair was perfect. It was midnight. It was time to howl.


  4. Mudcats Impala...

    Bruce Feldman ‏@BFeldmanCBS

    Muschamp announces #UF star LB Antonio Morrison has been suspended & will miss at least 2 games to begin the season. (#Toledo & #Miami)


  5. 69Dawg

    Look I hate the Gators as much as anybody but this is just crazy. Near as I can tell in the great State of Florida you can be arrested for merely “Barking” at a Service dog. If all the dog was doing was sitting in the car what kind of interference is barking? Want to bet this was just a way to arrest him for being drunk on his underage butt so he wouldn’t be kicked off the team.


  6. uglydawg

    In his defense he insisted that the dog started it by doing the “gator chop” at him when the cop wasn’t looking.


  7. Assistant Greenskeeper Carl Spackler

    Bark like a dog….yeah….


  8. IndyDawg

    The dawg days of summer have fried Mr. Morrison’s mind.


  9. Cojones

    I mean, it wasn’t as if he threw dog turds into a police cruiser as one rioter was armed with when the cops came to bust it up in Fort Lauderdale (and people hangin’ upside down on lightposts and ….) in ’60 and ’61. Then again, most of you weren’t even born then.

    And this guy “barked”, eh? My, my. The Police State has evolved.