Some other team’s concussion

Remember this startling observation from a former Georgia trainer?

Turns out something got lost in translation.

A former Georgia assistant football trainer who told the NCAA in an email that athletes returned to games after concussions said in an interview he was referring to opposing teams during his career and not anyone that played for Georgia.

Dean Crowell told the Athens Banner-Herald on Sunday night: “Let me be clear about that. It was not one of my athletes and it was not one of my athletes at UGA. It was just a personal observation I had seen during my career. …It wasn’t someone on a team at an institution that I was working at. It was an opponent.”

Crowell worked at Georgia during the 2007-09 football seasons. He was also an athletic trainer at North Carolina (2003-07), Rutgers (2001-03) and Dartmouth (2000-01).

Minor detail, that.  And good job by Weiszer ferreting that out.

By the way, another reason the NCAA needs to be nervous about where this concussion stuff may be going is that there are signs the NFL may throw college football under the bus as part of a deliberate strategy to defend itself in its concussion litigation.  Nice.



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5 responses to “Some other team’s concussion

  1. Cojones

    The big question is, “Where does the NCAA go from here?”. Concussions have kept UGA players out of games until stabilized (Rambo, et al) for some years. I feel safe in asking what our individual policy for concussions states and how often do we adhere to it. Courson is on top of everything medical in football and certainly UGA’s history of medical care for our athletes have been documented in TV reports Frontline(?) had one school highlighted for giving obscure and costly heart volume measurement to counter an NFL report that no team did that testing. That singular school was UGA and the tests were provided to all athletes.

    Through Courson, we probably will take the lead again for CFB.


  2. Okay, that is enough. This is why I cannot stand Pro Football.” Basketball” has arrived. Let’s call it “Basefootball”. Bring in the clowns.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Bluto I see what you mean, but ‘throw under the bus’ is a little strong here. From my superficial understanding concussions are something in which repetition increases the damage out of proportion to a single event. NCAA fault might reduce NFL damages, but not by much.


    • Didn’t someone do a dissertation here on concussions a while back? It takes a whole bunch of them to really mess you up. Matt Dunnigan of Canadian Football fame played for so many years, and then he had to go to go to Valdosta with his lovely family. He was a QB coach after that B’ham Pro Football farce.


  4. Cojones

    Rutgers, 2001-03. Who was coach at that time? Sounds like “Piano”?