“We want one. I want one. Our fans want one.”

Who said that about what?


UPDATE:  Here’s the tape.


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26 responses to ““We want one. I want one. Our fans want one.”

  1. Yes, we all want one. But this year we must have one. It is more of a need than a want. You know what Mick Jagger says, “You can’t always get what you want, but you get what you need.” Senator, give us a little musical interlude with this one.

  2. Debby Balcer

    I want us to go out and play every game to the best of our ability and win and if that puts us in the title game that is great but we have done that in the past and been overlooked.

    • Carolinadawg

      When have we gone undefeated and failed to make the BCS Championship game? I must have missed that…

  3. Spike

    I love me some Dawg porn…

  4. AusDawg85

    Be sure to follow the Dabo link. Gets me all fired-up until it mentions that Brent Musberger will be opening our season with “You are looking live at one of the great traditions in college football…” Ugh.

    • Dog in Fla

      I thought it was supposed to be:

      “You are looking live at one of the great traditions in college football, Herbie. My God Almighty, check out the super-hot coeds! Herbie, have you seen my little blue pills?”

  5. Jeff Sanchez

    “A national championship appearance has alluded Mark Richt ”

    Yikes, man…

  6. Governor Milledge

    Another notable link in the Clempsun article: Obama might ALSO be at Death Valley for the game


    • Dog in Fla

      Miss Lindsey Graham thinks that’s totally unacceptable because O’s operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct.

      Elsewhere, after getting coached up by his pre-game advisors Hillary, Malcolm XX and Nate Silver the Witch, Obama knew, “I was going to the worst place in the world and I didn’t even know it yet. Weeks away and hundreds of miles up a river that snaked through the war like a main circuit cable plugged straight into Kandahar…”

    • Keese

      Bronco bama and Musberger….ugh

  7. Tommy

    If not now, when?

    We have depth at every position, we have a very respectable schedule, we have good leadership at the key positions, continuity on the coaching staff, a few years’ sweat equity in the revamped S&C program and no significant off-field issues (knocks on wood, says a few “Hail Marys”). In terms of what we control (i.e., not the competition), I don’t see how we could have set ourselves up any better. This is where preparation meets opportunity.

  8. uglydawg

    Just looking at those pics of CMR makes me happy. I wouldn’t trade him for any coach past or present. He’s got UGA on the right track.

    • Cojones

      Yep, and some old farts have the kid’s back.

      • ScoutDawg

        Some young farts too…

        • ScoutDawg

          But seriously, seems like a fire has been started in CMR. While I think all of us right minded folk KNOW CMR has always wanted a MNC, I think the detractors have pissed him off. I think now, if it comes down to a field goal or going for it on 4th, we are going to see a more aggressive approach. I for one clap slow.

        • Cojones

          Yes, ScoutDawg, and most young farts have the old man’s back.

  9. HamDawg11

    Mark Friggin Richt!!!!!!!!!

  10. JasonC

    Whew! When I saw the title I thought this was going to be another indoor practice facility flap.

  11. secedufan

    dare I say we may have a bit of the “Evil Mark Richt”???