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The reason you won’t hear much about conference realignment this year

… is because the big boys have much bigger fish to fry.

College football is setting the stage for the final season of the controversial Bowl Championship Series and a forthcoming four-team playoff that will crown the sport’s national champion starting in 2014. But the future of the NCAA and how major college football is structured seems more fragile than ever.

In fact, what once seemed like an idle threat now seems like a very plausible scenario: Schools in the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and SEC might break away from the rest of the FBS leagues and form their own federation within the current NCAA structure. Such a move would allow the schools and their conferences to write and approve their own rules, such as increasing the value of scholarships to meet the full cost of attendance, reforming recruiting rules and overhauling the way they investigate and punish rule breakers.

Call it Mark Emmert’s final legacy.  At least I’ll have something to write about next January.



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Tuesday morning buffet

The buffet table is cranked up and ready to go.

  • Ouchy ouch“Let’s just say Brian VanGorder worked out better as Georgia’s defensive coordinator than he did at Auburn.”
  • Chris Brown breaks down Nick Saban’s breakdown of three plays during his stint at ESPN yesterday.
  • Randy Edsall may not like players transferring, but he’s down with them getting paid.
  • Georgia Tech’s top two receivers have eight career catches between them.  Their backups are redshirt freshmen.  That’s how the genius defines quality depth, I guess.
  • Brace yourselves – Tennessee is coming out with new uniforms this season.
  • According to Steele, if a team had 32 or more starts lost to injury the prior season, they improved or had the same record the next year on 80 out of 102 occasions for an 78.4% success rate.  Georgia lost 33 starts last season.
  • Here’s an attempt to rate coaches factoring in a program’s financial resources.


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Name that caption: one of these guys isn’t like the others.

We haven’t had one of these in a while, so do what you can with this photo keepsake from yesterday in Bristol.


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