Sometimes, there’s a valid reason for Preseason Homerism.

Chip Towers passes on an optimistic bit from Georgia’s starting quarterback.

Murray brought up another interesting point during SEC Media Days that hadn’t occurred to me before. This will be the first season of his four as the Bulldogs’ starting quarterback that his backfield also returns intact.

Sure enough, Murray had Shaun Chapas at fullback and Washaun Ealey at tailback in 2010, Bruce Figgins and Isaiah Crowell in 2011 and Merritt Hall and Todd Gurley this past season.

Having Hall and Gurley back — along with Keith Marshall and Quayvon Hicks as well — is a big deal, he said. And that goes well beyond the rushing and scoring production.

“Those guys did a great job learning the playbook and understanding their responsibilities in the run game and in the pass game and in pass protection. They did such a great job in all those areas last year,” Murray said. “So now that they’re back, they know what they’re doing, there’s no need for me to babysit or have to worry about what they’re doing every time. They know what they’re doing. They’re confident and I’m confident in them. Especially with the no-huddle, we can just call plays and go. I’m not having to tell them, ‘hey, Mickey’s left, you’ve got him then him then him.’ Now they know exactly what they’re doing. It’s great. Things go a lot smoother.”

Another reason to be excited about Georgia’s offensive potential in 2013.

Yes, it is.  And off the top of my head I can’t think of an opponent on Georgia’s schedule that can make the same claim.


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20 responses to “Sometimes, there’s a valid reason for Preseason Homerism.

  1. OhioDawg

    Muschamp don’t care!! His backfield will be better anyway!


  2. That doesn’t sound like someone who is afraid of a certain defensive end.


    • 69Dawg

      Clowney will be watching his knees this whole season. In spite of media to the contrary he is human. He saw what happened to his RB last year and how it affected his draft status. He will still be great but he will not be doing Superman, he’ll save that for the Pro’s.


  3. mdcgtp

    Let me say this DEFINITIVELY, if we are extrapolating our offense based upon its 2012 perfomance, returning personnel, and potential areas of improvement vs. areas of new weakness, it is almost IMPOSSIBLE not to be downright giddy about this offense. There are so many ways we can chop it up statistically (yards per play, plays of 20+ yards, etc.), personnel wise (great qB, best RB situation since 1988, more quality OL since the dawn of time, WRs that are both explosive AND efficienct), culturally (leadership of aaron, gurley/marshall’s work ethic, focused OL. further, our offense crossed a major rubicon against Bama by performing well against a great defense, whereas earlier in the year against UF and USC our lack of productivity went way way beyond what one would expect from facing better defenses (which we know were driven by awful OL play against USC and terrible QB play against UF relative to how both units had performed the rest of the year) Whether that translates to performance in 2013 can only be known in the fullness of time, but for anyone to look at this offense and not be downright giddy is crazy.


    • AusDawg85

      No kicker in Death Valley. Spurrier + Clowney. The Hat between the Hedges (I’ve copyrighted that btw). Florida and SEC refs. A young defense that had issues last year. We always have a key player injured.

      Oh, there’s a LOT to worry about my friends!


      • mdcgtp

        i was referring to our offense exclusively, and obviously, if you assume a key player suffers a season ending injury, it can change the view as well. though we played the nebraska game with ONLY 1 of our top 4 WRs in 2012 and threw for an ungodly yardage total. That said, I agree that there is plenty of room for concern on defense.


        • The Lone Stranger

          … so you’re saying we have a chance?! [incidentally, I am fully in the same camp with you; and am only tentative about the secondary for those opening two games]


    • NRBQ

      Please stop, MG. You’re making me moist.


  4. Spike

    And Michael Bennett will be back!!


  5. RP

    The Athens PD still has 6 weeks to make adjustments to our starting lineup.


  6. As much I am optimistic about this season, I just hope and pray that Aaron Murray has found some solution on his tipped or batted balls as these have been a glaring weakness. These seem to happen mostly on throws that are short yardage. If he can lessen these, he will be an all the way a championship QB this season. He probably should avoid these short yardage throws or not attempt at all.


  7. Keese

    I just don’t see much motivation by Clowney to do anything other than skate by this season


  8. WarD Eagle

    I think UGA’s offense will be nearly unstoppable this year and the defense will possibly be better because of the length of time players have had under Grantham.

    Richt is allowing Bobo much more freedom and I think this will put teams down early.

    I believe this is the year they get a shot at the BCS trophy and win it because once they get out of the SEC, there won’t be a defense to stop them.