Sunday morning buffet

Help yourselves.

  • Kenarious Gates has lost weight because he wants to be your starting left tackle.
  • Bill Connelly:  “… if you can avoid going three-and-out more than twice in a given game, you have a good to very good chance of winning no matter what else happens.”
  • Shakin’ the Southland breaks down something I looked at recently – evaluating hurry-up offenses by plays per minute.
  • Andy Staples gets to the bottom of one of the strangest parts of the new targeting rules – that the 15-yard penalty will be enforced even if the call is reversed by the replay official – with this incredible explanation: “What’s going to happen if we don’t do that is officials are going to stop calling it,” Anderson said. “Then it’s going to continue to occur. We won’t get it out of the game.” So, essentially, your team could be losing 15 critical yards so a guy in stripes doesn’t get his feelings hurt.
  • It turns out Big Game Bob’s “our conference’s bottom is better than the SEC’s, so there” argument doesn’t hold water under closer analysis.
  • David Paschall looks at Georgia’s quarterback succession under Richt.
  • Statistically speaking, how random a game is football?


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12 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Bobby

    Is that a fried egg and cheese on Gates’s “healthy” turkey burger?


  2. sniffer

    Umm, what am I missing? What penalties are reviewable and why would you overturn this one?


  3. 69Dawg

    We in the SEC already have a hard time with the old retired refs that handle the video review. There have been unbelievable calls on the field and unbelievable no over turns from the booth. This targeting thing will go as follows: Penn “the blind Zebra” Wagers crew of merry retards (sorry for the retard thing calling the refs retards is an insult to our mentally challenged people) will blow a call of targeting just to show who’s in charge and eject the player. The guys in the booth who don’t want to show up the boys in stripes on the field will in 99% of the calls let the ejection stand. Only the most terrible WWE misses will be over turned, and since the SEC will no longer review these the Ref railroad will roll over another team. It is going to be ugly.

    Oh by the way just to help the refs get their stories straight all the crews will now have mics and ear buds. This will not help because 7 blind mice can’t talk about something they can’t see in the first place. At least Steve Shaw got rid of that fat umpire on one of the crews who couldn’t bend over to place the ball. You remember him he’s the one that saw the UF hit that got the Ark player flagged and said nothing a couple of years back.


  4. Cojones

    It is folly to mollify the refs. It approaches no reasoning at all to continue with a 15-yd panalty. What is the point? Rules were meant to create as much fairness as possible in games, but I’m going to dub this rule “The Gee! to GC” rule since the first person it tries to halt is Clowney.

    Many parts to this rule will be modified before the first kickoff. But this rule is written like a to-be-negotiated rule by placing outlandish attributes in it to use in negotiating to what is desired – player safety. These are the most obtuse-driven attributes of any rule ever planned for CFB.


  5. The other Doug

    A bit off topic, but….

    I noticed in Bill C.’s chart that Miami was ranked 120th out 124 teams at forcing 3 and outs. Florida’s offense against that defense should be interesting.


  6. RocketDawg

    Greene, Shockley, Stafford, Cox, Murray. Who’s next? Probably Mason in ’14 and then? Brice Ramsey? Jacob Park? Who ever it happens to be I think that Richt and Bobo have shown that they can coach up the QB position.


  7. Rebar

    That is the stupidest damn rule I have ever heard of; the ejection is overturned but you are still penalized? This is gonna bite us on the ass alot this year.


    • AusDawg85

      Relax. The refs will be fair and it will work both ways just like the “celebration” rule was fairly…oh wait.